May: International Masturbation Month

Posted on 4 May 2023 by Natalia
May: International Masturbation Month
Often considered shameful, masturbation is nevertheless an essential part of human sexuality. To celebrate international masturbation month, allow the LOVE Team to demystify solo play and shine some light on its numerous benefits.

What are the different aspects of masturbation? What are its benefits? How does it help in self-discovery? What are the main differences between male and female masturbation? In this article, we aim to answer all these questions and give you all the information that will help you to enhance your solo play!

The benefits of masturbation

Solo play has many advantages. It contributes to the development of a healthy and satisfying sex life.

  • Self-discovery: Masturbation allows you to explore a new kind of pleasure and which erogenous zones excite you the most.
  • Introduction to sex: Solo play will help you discover one's sexual preferences, especially for those who have never had sex before.
  • Help for those suffering from gender dysphoria: Masturbation helps these individuals regain confidence and reconnect with their identity.
  • Endurance for men: Masturbating helps men learn how to control ejaculation, improving their endurance and enhancing the quality of their sexual relationships.
  • Pain reduction, especially for women: During orgasm, the analgesic effect of endorphins can alleviate menstrual pain.

Please note

Masturbating too much may affect your quality of life and your relationships. It is important to be able to control the amount of solo play you enjoy. Consult a doctor promptly if you find that it disrupts your love life, professional life, or friendships. You may be suffering from addiction. A healthcare professional will be able to provide you with appropriate treatment.

Masturbation techniques

Classic solo play methods sometimes have their limits. Here, the LOVE Team shares its hottest tips to explore new kinds of pleasure. Whether you're a man or a woman, you can explore the exciting world of sex toys and find the one that will soon become your most loyal companion during solo sessions.

Male masturbation

Masturbators and pocket pussies: Using these sex toys (available in manual or automatic versions) feel just like real penetration, especially super-realistic Fleshlight masturbators. If you want an even more realistic experience, consider a torso or an ass masturbator.

Cock rings: Place a ring at the base of your penis to increase blood flow to the area for even more pleasure. A cock ring will also delay ejaculation for longer-lasting sex.

Anal toys: Use plugs, dildos, or prostate stimulators (vibrating or non-vibrating) to stimulate the anal area.

Female masturbation

Clit stimulation: Vibrators, wand vibrators, clitoral stimulators, and vibrating panties will quickly become your new best friends!

Vaginal stimulation and G-spot stimulation: For intense vaginal pleasure, try a dildo, vibrating eggs, or Ben Wa balls. A G-spot vibrator is also a good option!

For those who can't choose: Opt for a versatile sex toy! The rabbit vibrator delivers heavenly double stimulation (both vaginal and clitoral pleasure).

Anal stimulation: Not all women enjoy play, but we highly recommend that you try it out at least once. Try out a small anal dildo or a butt plug for starters. If you enjoy the feeling, you can move on to a double-ended dildo for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation.