Sex toys for men

LOVE AND VIBES collection of sex toys for men

Sex toys have existed for centuries, but only recently have they entered mainstream culture. There are fewer taboos than ever before surrounding the use of sex toys. Manual masturbation has its limits, as all men know. If you're looking for something new, try adding a new sex toy to your regular solo routine. The LOVE AND VIBES Online Sex Shop carries a wide selection of sex toys for men that will cater to your every desire ...and erogenous zone!

Shake up your solo session with a Shake-Me-Babe masturbator

Our masturbators perfectly replicate the feeling of vaginal, oral, or anal penetration. SHAKE-ME-BABE masturbators come in manual or electric models and boast a number of attractive features to customise your experience.
Just plunge your stiff member into the welcoming orifice and enjoy. Some of our automatically reproduce the thrusting motion of a firm handjob while others let you control the motion.
Our diverse range of masturbators lets everyone find the perfect toy for an incredibly steamy solo session.

Absolute Fuck: our ultra-realistic vagina and ass masturbators

Aficionados of anal and vaginal penetration will love treating themselves to a hot anal sex session or doggy-style fun with the true-to-life products in our ABSOLUTE FUCK collection. Our artificial asses and vaginas replicate the look and feel of woman's intimate anatomy in full graphic detail, using astoundingly lifelike materials. All of our models, from the lightest (1 pound) to the heaviest (30 pounds), are gentle to the touch and feel incredibly comfortable during penetration. Just add some water-based lube and a hole warmer, these realistic ass and vagina masturbators will feel even better than the real thing!

Our voluptuous vibee-dolls: charming cuties with curves

LOVE AND VIBES offers a selection of realistic and absolutely enchanting inflatable beauties. Our blow-up dolls for men are made of durable latex with lifelike cyberskin orifices. They comes in a wide range of poses: standing, spread-eagle, seated, kneeling. All of our dolls feature both a vaginal and anal orifice, but we also feature a number of transsexual dolls equipped with a large stiff penis. Many of models also have a blow job ready mouth, for some fun foreplay before the main event.

You can customise your experience by adding a vibrating bullet to the doll's orifice - it will feel like she's trembling under your mighty thrusting!

If you're looking for an even more realism, we also carry a range of authentically-crafted ultra-soft silicone sex dolls for men, featuring lifelike details and skin that feels just like a real woman's. Our silicone busts, torsos, and full-sized bodies feel amazing during penetration - just like the real thing.

Add a surprising twist to your play with our Pro-G collection of prostate stimulators

The prostate is an often neglected erogenous zone in the male anatomy. This hidden hot butten is just dying to be stimulated - and we have just the perfect method. If you've never experienced a prostate orgasm before, you don't know what you're missing. Our PRO-G prostate stimulators are ergonomically-designed to perfectly target this hard-to-reach holy zone. Made of soft TPR or silicone, our prostate stimulators will massage every inch of your P-spot, helping you achieve an incomparable climax.

Intense anal pleasure with our Plug and Play butt plugs

For many men, the anal orifice can be a source of extreme sexual arousal. Our selection of affordable anal toys will help you easily achieve backdoor bliss! Once inserted into the anus, our PLUG and PLAY butt plugs will expertly massage this highly sensitive area. Many of our plugs offer manual stimulation (which you can control yourself) or automatic features (vibrations, rotations, thrusting, inflation, and more). You'll want to take all of these pint-sized pleasure makers out for a whirl.

Pack on the inches with our Big Men penis sleeves and extensions

A penis sleeve will increase the length and girth of your prodigious pole by covering it with ultra-lifelike material. Our sleeves and extension look just like the real thing and can be easily slipped over your real rod right before penetration. You'll love how the sleeve massages your member during intercourse, while your partner will appreciate the extra size and stimulating texture of your new cock. A penis sleeve or extension is the perfect accessory for temporarily increasing the size of your penis and delivering extra pleasure to both partners during sex. Our BIG MEN sleeves come in a variety of different colours (clear, beige, black, etc.) and can also have a vibration function...for guaranteed shivers that will feel great!

Increase the size your manhood with a penis pump

Looking to add a little something extra to your lap rocket? With our selection of penis pumps, your wish can (temporarily) become reality. Just glide your erect endowment into the plastic tube, squeeze the bulb or press the button, and you'll start to feel the pressure mount. The penis-enhancing pump will create a vacuum effect around your johnson, which will increase blood flow, thus temporarily enlarging the size of your cock. Beyond the practical aspect of this device, you'll also enjoy new and exciting sensations down below.

Put a (cock) ring on it with our JOYMAX collection

A cock ring will strengthen your erection thanks to its strategic position on your flesh flute: the base of the penis (or testicles). The cock ring gently squeezes your member, blocking your blood flow. The increase in blood in your cock will make your erection harder and longer-lasting. Our JOYMAX cock ring collection offers models of all sizes and shapes, with a wide array of different features (vibrations, for example). Made of TPR or silicone, our rings are super soft and will great against your precious package. We also carry an assortment of metal models and cock cages in our BDSM section.

Sex Toy for Men

Many of our realistic sex toys have been designed to satisfy both men and women. They can be used for solo pleasure as well as for an evening of steamy couple's play. Men can increase their solo stimulation by adding other complementary toys to their arsenal, like a lifelike dildo or a Rosebud jewelled anal plug.


Male sex toy enthusiasts will enjoy the look and touch of our lifelike FEELING dildos. These dildos are the unisex toy par excellence, as both men and women will enjoy an exciting evening spent indoors with one of these burly bad boys. Our dildos offer true-to-life stimulation and a host of other arousing functions that will bring you to your knees during penetration. You'll definitely find the perfect dildo among our selection of flesh-toned models and vibrating/rotating models. Incomparable!

DIAMOND Rosebud Butt Plugs

Our DIAMOND Rosebud anal plugs offer the pleasure of a classic butt plug, with all of the aesthetic appeal of a fine piece of jewellery. Many of our Rosebud models feature a delicate gemstone to wow your lover with elegance. Made of sturdy steel or aluminium, Rosebud anal plugs have a tapered form for easy insertion and withdrawal. Once inserted, this anal sex toy will delicately press against the anal orifice, which will strengthen your erection and increase your overall pleasure.