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Because sex toys are for men too! Whether you’re a beginner seeking to spice up your sex life or an experienced fan of erotic accessories looking for new thrills, we carry a wide selection of male sex toys to satisfy your every need. From the classic male masturbator to massagers designed for prostate pleasure, you’re bound to find just the right toy for you.

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Large artificial ass and vagina 10.75 lb

Large artificial ass and vagina 10.75 lb

  • Made of soft TPE
  • Cute bubble butt
  • Flexible internal diameter
  • Ribbed orifices
  • Live out your wildest fantasies
Kelly California blond inflatable blow job doll

Kelly California blond inflatable blow job doll

  • Life-sized
  • Realistic head hands feet vagina breasts
  • Made-up and manicured for your pleasure
Amelia small bendable TPE sex torso

Amelia small bendable TPE sex torso

  • Realistic and easy to handle!
  • Textured vagina and anus
  • Bendable skeleton
Lindsay small vagina and anus masturbator 5.50 lb

Lindsay small vagina and anus masturbator 5.50 lb

  • Feels just like the real thing!
  • Compact size
  • Skin-friendly TPE material
  • 2 textured orifices

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How to choose a male masturbator
How to choose a male masturbator
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How to choose a cock ring
How to choose a cock ring
Looking to take your sexual game to the next level? Let us help you choose the perfect cock ring with this buyer’s guide.
How to choose a butt plug
How to choose a butt plug
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What kinds of male sex toys are there?

Exploring the exciting world of male sex toys offers a variety of options designed to enhance pleasure in different ways. Whether you're new to sex toys or looking to add to your collection, understanding the types available can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Vibrating toys

Vibrating toys are engineered to stimulate all your erogenous zones to enhance your pleasure. These toys are versatile and include options like prostate massagers that are specifically designed to target the prostate, enhancing your sensations and leading to more explosive orgasms.

Penis toys

Penis toys cover a broad spectrum, from masturbators and pocket pussies designed for penetration to devices aimed at enhancing sexual performance. Cock rings, for example, help maintain erections and can delay ejaculation, enhancing both solo and partner play. Cock sleeves provide additional texture during penetrative sex, increasing satisfaction for both partners.

Anal toys

Anal toys like butt plugs and prostate massagers are designed to intensify anal stimulation. These toys are particularly handy for targeting the prostate, a key erogenous zone in men, which can lead to heightened sexual stimulation. Made with your comfort and pleasure in mind, these toys are perfect for anyone looking to explore anal play.

Sex dolls

For those looking for a more lifelike experience, the market offers both inflatable and realistic sex dolls. These dolls are designed to simulate a real-life partner, giving you both companionship and a realistic sexual experience. They are available in various forms, from torso versions to full-sized, realistic models that perfectly replicate a real human body.

Can I use a male sex toy with my partner?

Male sex toys are not just for solo play; many are excellent for increasing your pleasure during sex with a partner. Adding a well-chosen toy to partner play will definitely spice up your regular sex routine and make the experience more satisfying.

For better sex

A cock ring will not only help the wearer maintain a firmer erection but also makes the penis appear larger and can also make sex last longer. This makes sex better not just for the individual wearing the ring but also for their partner, as it increases the pleasure for both.

For cheeky foreplay

Prostate massagers can be introduced during foreplay, allowing your partner to stimulate one of your most sensitive areas. This type of play will increase your arousal and satisfaction, paving the way for more intense orgasms.

For more fun during sex

Using toys like a Fleshlight during partner play can turn an ordinary handjob into an extraordinary experience. You can also invite a realistic sex doll into the bedroom for a threesome scenario, for a thrilling, no-strings-attached adventure for couples looking to explore new sexual territories together.

How do I choose the right male sex toy for me?

Selecting the right sex toy involves understanding your personal desires and what you want to stimulate. Here’s how you can find the perfect toy tailored to your needs.

Identify your favourite erogenous zones

First, determine which part of your body you wish to stimulate—be it the penis, anus, prostate, testicles, or perineum. This will guide you towards the category of toys most suited to your interests.

Explore different categories

Browse through our different categories to discover what catches your eye. Whether you're looking for direct stimulation, something to enhance endurance, or toys that replicate the feel of real human contact, there’s something for everyone.

Read our buyer’s guides

For newcomers, start with our comprehensive buyer’s guide titled How to choose your first sex toy. Once you've got a handle on the basics, delve into more specific guides like How to choose a male masturbator, How to choose a cock ring or How to choose a blow-up doll. All of our buyer’s guides, written by the experts on our LOVE Team, are designed to help you make an informed decision based on detailed information about each type of toy.