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Put some bounce in your step with our rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are an ultra-powerful dual-action toy that emits incredible oscillations both your vagina and clitoris. Today, this former cult favourite has reached mainstream status among the most discerning sex toy enthusiasts!

The history of the vibrator

In the 19th century, the vibrator was developed as a medical device to treat muscular aches and pains. Vibrators were also used to treat hysteria. Doctors formally manually masturbated women to relieve their anxiety and irritability, but found the process rather exhausting. Thus, the steam-powered vibrator was invented, allowing medical experts make their patients orgasm more quickly and efficiently.

By the 20th century, vibrators were available for home use, resembling oversized hairdryers and available in mail order catalogues.

Little by little, these delightful devices that target a woman’s lower erogenous zones increased in popularity. Attitudes have changed as well. For many years, the vibrator was euphemistically known as a “personal massager”. Today, women proudly and publically discuss the merits of their favourite pulsating playthings. The Rabbit vibrator is among the most popular kinds of vibrator, as it targets both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. The Rabbit vibrator was born in the 1980s in Japan. As such products were forbidden at the time, manufacturers created the vibrator in the form of an animal to get around the rule. The rabbit was chosen as the token tickler, as the animal is considered lucky in Japan.

The bunny-style vibes got a definite boast from its appearance in HBO’s classic comedy series Sex and the City. In the iconic episode, “The Bunny and the Hare”, Charlotte gets so addicted to her Rabbit vibrator’s incredible performance and incomparable stimulation that she refuses to leave her apartment.

If you’re looking for deep stimulation that lasts all night long, the Rabbit is your best bet!

Today, the Rabbit has an unparalleled reputation and can be found in women’s nightstand drawers across the world. Its unique design, comfortable material, and out-of-this-world features make it a timeless addition to any sex toy collection. If you haven’t met the Bunny yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

How to choose a rabbit vibrator

You’ll find a vast selection of Rabbit vibrators here at the LOVE AND VIBES online sex shop. Just follow our handy advice to find the right bunny for you.


This 100% fun and feminine toy features brilliant, eye-catching colours that will light up your day. Our Rabbits come in a wide assortment of funky hues, from purple, to pink, to red!


Over time, Rabbit sex toys have become even more comfortable and velvety, with more lifelike and soft materials being used. In our Mr. Rabbit collection, you’ll find an array of vibrators made of gentle TPR and luxurious silicone. These body-safe materials will feel amazing against your skin and are easy to clean.


All of LOVE AND VIBES’ Rabbit vibes have more or less the same classic design. They all feature a girthy main shaft with a smaller tickler shaft in the shape of an animal (rabbit, dolphin, butterfly) on its front to stimulate your clitoris.

The main shaft of the Rabbit often resembles a man’s stiff penis, offering the most real-feeling stimulation possible. The vibrator shaft can also feature prominent veins, ribbing or pleasure nubs for added sensations.


Rabbit vibrators feature a dual-action internal motor that doles out intense vibrations. You can easily control the good vibes with the dial or buttons on its control panel. The delicious oscillations will awaken your sensitive bits like nobody’s business.

On top of the ultra-pleasurable vibrations, many of our Rabbit models feature rows of metallic pearls, which whirl around in the shaft to massage your vaginal walls. Other models also feature a pivoting head for exquisite G-spot stimulation.

For an even more authentic experience, opt for a model with a thrusting function! You’ll really feel like you’re being penetrated by a dreamy, well-hung partner.

For added comfort on those cold winter nights, try out a Rabbit vibrator with a heating function. Just switch on this lavish feature and within seconds you’ll feel the shaft warm up. Now you can heat things up in the bedroom at the push of a button.

While browsing through our Mr. Rabbit collection, you might find a vibrator that boasts all of these features, for the most orgasmic experience possible. Just imagine spending time with a delicious device that delivers all of these goods and more – heavenly!

Power type

Our Rabbit vibrators can be powered in a variety of ways. Certain Rabbits run on classic batteries (mostly AAs or AAAs), which must be properly inserted by respecting the direction of the polarity (the + and – signs). Other Rabbit toys are fully rechargeable with the USB cable or AC wall adapter provided.


The most expensive Rabbit in the world, featuring white gold and 117 diamonds, cost an eyebrow-raising $55,000! You’ll find much more affordable options on the LOVE AND VIBES online sex shop. The price will depend on your toy’s features and material. We guarantee that you’ll find a toy you’ll love at the right price point in the Mr. Rabbit collection.

How to Use Your Rabbit

This versatile toy is incredibly fun to use during solo play or foreplay with a partner.

Solo play

During your solo sessions, the Rabbit will let you get in touch with your own body. You’ll get to know what turns you on and which kind of stimulation excites you the most. While the Rabbit cannot totally replace a sexual partner, this toy will let you have a full and healthy sex life all the same.

Partner play

You’ll also love using your new Rabbit vibrator with a partner. During foreplay, your partner can use your Rabbit to stimulate you, making even more excited for the main event. Your clitoris and vagina will be skilfully massaged in preparation for your partner’s penetration. For an even saucier experience, try using your Rabbit anally while being penetrated by your partner, for double penetration that you’ll never forget!