Ladies: here are the essential ingredients for your solo sessions!

Posted on 17 May 2022 by Natalia
Ladies: here are the essential ingredients for your solo sessions!

Last week, we told you about our essentials for a satisfying male masturbation session. This week, we're going to talk about female solo play and how to get the most out of your pleasure session.

That's right, Internal Masturbation Month is not over yet. Here are 8 tips on how to perfect your masturbation technique for a more fulfilling sex life.

1. Get in the mood

Let's start with the basics: Desire! As soon as the mood strikes, tweak the ambience in your bedroom to suit the occasion. There's nothing better than creating a playlist with all of the music that turns you on the most (Marvin Gaye, anyone?). Now that the music is ready, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The perfect atmosphere should include soft lighting and a few sweet-smelling candles. And there you have it, you've created your own little world, perfect for a solo session. A real cocoon of pleasure where you can lie back and concentrate on the sensations.

2. Forget your routine

Everyone has a regular masturbation routine. Unfortunately, this routine often consists in repeating the very same technique, over and over again. Why? Because it's easy, convenient, and above all, quick! To improve your solo play sessions, forget that routine. If you're used to doing it in your bed, try the shower. If you always masturbate while lying on your back, try another position instead!

3. Take the time to build up the pleasure

Sometimes it's easy to forget to build up slowly to a satisfying climax. For an even more powerful orgasm, give yourself time to let the pleasure reach its boiling point. Take your time to fully explore all of your erogenous zones such as your neck, nipples, earlobes or any other area of your body that excites you. That way, you'll touch your clit at the very last moment, making it even more sensitive!

4. Use toys or lube

This may sound obvious, but sex toys are the best tools to help you experience powerful, out-of-the-ordinary orgasms. We can recommend our Fascinator, a clit stimulator that will treat you to incomparable orgasms. Don't forget to use lube​ ​​​​​​for even more pleasure.

5. Look in the mirror

What if, instead of watching adult videos, you became the star of your own show? If you've never watched yourself masturbate in the mirror, you're missing it. It's just like watching an adult film, but even sexier. It will also boost your confidence and help you get to know your body a little bit better.

6. Hold your breath during orgasm

Our final tip is purely physical. Simply hold your breath while pleasuring yourself - as soon as you feel that your orgasm is about to come, exhale! This little technique will make your orgasm even more intense and pleasurable.
With these sexy tips, you'll have the best orgasms of your life during solo play. You can even incorporate some of these techniques into your next partner play session!