Intimate hygiene

Because every part of you needs special care and cleaning, we carry a wide range of intimate and sexual hygiene products designed for every routine. Our collection of sexual health products will help you enjoy a satisfying sex life in the best conditions. Browse our selection to find just the right anal douche or menstrual cup made of body-safe and environmentally friendly silicone.
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Anal sex is an increasingly popular and intensely pleasurable sexual activity that requires just the right amount of preparation. To enjoy anal penetration in the best conditions possible and to prevent any awkward situations, opt for an anal douche beforehand. An anal douche will allow you to thoroughly clean your most intimate area with ease so that you can enjoy worry-free anal play with your favourite partner. Our anal douches come in squeeze bulb or shower head formats, to allow you to fully customise your anal cleansing routine to fit your needs. Simply attach the douche head to your shower unit to enjoy ultra-efficient anal cleansing or opt for a portable bulb for perfect hygiene on the go.

Our selection of intimate hygiene products includes our silicone menstrual cups, which will help you experience a more serene, happy period with a body-safe, eco-friendly accessory. Wearing a menstrual cup will also be kinder on your wallet than buying a monthly supply of tampons or pads, so you’ll save money in the long run. Join the millions of women who are kicking disposable period products to the curb!