Dominance and submission

Whether you’re Dom looking to express your authority or a sub seeking the pleasures of total servitude, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection of dominance and submission toys. Our D/s toys are perfect for dominating or being dominated with punishments or rewards. Our accessories for Doms and subs will allow you to break out of your sexual routine, with our leads, collars, and chastity belts being the perfect tools for asserting your authority or showing your devotion.
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Does the idea of making your partner obey your every order excite you? Or do you prefer to let your Dom take the lead? Whether you’re seeking dominance or submission in your BDSM relationship, we have the perfect accessories for a steamy evening of bondage. Satisfy your desire for punishment with our collection of BDSM and fetish play toys.

If you’re looking for a classic bondage accessory, our collars and leads will let you control your sub’s movements. Your sub will have follow your every step, or risk punishment.

For a more intense feeling of restraint, a male chastity cage is the right toy for you. This must-have D/s toy lets you lock your sub’s penis inside of a metal cage, making it impossible for him to achieve an erection. His member will be locked away in a prison of your making, as he begs you to hand over the keys.

We also have a variety of chastity belts for women, which have the same purpose as a chastity cage. Simply fit the chastity belt around your sub’s waist, secure the padlock, and only you will have access to her most intimate area!

Whether you prefer to take control of the situation, or to surrend all control to your partner, our accessories will add the perfect mix of punishment and pleasure to your bondage session.