Need a little extra lubrication during sex for your comfort? Lube is an essential well-being product! Personal lubricants aren't only for people experiencing vaginal dryness - they make sex so much more comfortable and pleasurable for everyone. Using a little bit of personal lube will make all of the difference, whether you're giving your partner a sensual massage without oils or experimenting with new kinds of pleasure. With your partner, alone or while using your favourite toy, you'll find a wide variety of lubes in different formulas for all of your best sexual adventures.

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"In the Pink" pleasure pack

Vaginal lube to increase your pleasure

By replicating the feel of natural vaginal lubrication, personal lubricants are perfect for providing comfort and hydration to make penetration easier and prevent irritation. Apply some lube to your vagina to reduce friction and dryness, or to any part of your body to create a natural slippery glide, to increase the stimulation you feel during your most intimate moments. You'll find just the right type of lube for any sexual activity imaginable on our site.

Choose the right lube for your intimate needs

Products with a water base, free of oil, are ideal for use with sex toys and condoms, while silicone-based formulas and quality ingredients provide long-lasting slipperiness and glide. No matter the formula, a bit of intimate lubrication will enhance the sensations you feel during penetration. Our lubes are perfect for couples who want to spice up their sexual encounters and women who want to reduce discomfort and improve vaginal health.

A personal lubricant that respects the most sensitive areas of your body

To take care of the most sensitive and intimate parts of your body, you'll also find 2-in-1 massage gels and aloe vera care lubricant gels in our selection of organic lubricants. The texture may also vary from one personal lube to another, with products with a water base being more liquid than silicone-based lubricants. We carry a wide selection of personal lubricants, so you can experiment with new sensations while discovering new ways of pleasuring yourself each time. Use a condom with your high-quality lube for your safety and pleasure. You can even use lubes with your best sex toys!

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