Designed for deep sexual stimulation, these toys deliver vibrations for intense pleasure and a great orgasm. Vibrators are very popular with women but can also be used by men, with a partner or solo. Depending on the model that you choose, the size, material and features may vary. You will definitely find the sex toy of your dreams in our wide selection of vibrating toys, the model that will make you feel pure sexual magic during your long evenings under the sheets.

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Heated thrusting and vibrating dildo
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Orgasmic G-spot power vibrator
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Vanity G-spot stimulator
Sensuality G-spot vibrator
Thrusting vibrator 12 modes
Jungle rotating vibrator
"In the Pink" pleasure pack
Madness G-spot vibrator
Eclipse pulsating vibrator
Topaz G-spot vibrator
Wino vibrating massager
G-spot stimulating tongue
Meow wand vibrator
G-spot bullet vibrator

All of our vibrators deliver vibrations, but they may have different features (suction, pulse vibe, waterproof, remote control, etc.). Whether you're looking for a bullet vibe or a wand, you'll find the vibrating sex toy of your dreams at the best price.

G-spot vibrators: To reach the G-spot more easily, this sex toy for women is curved and thicker at the tip. The stimulation will be intense and it won't be long until you feel a great orgasm coming on.

Clitoral vibrators: Perfect for clitoral use, their small size makes the vibrations more powerful. Though these products are best suited to women, men may also enjoy the good vibes on their favourite areas. Try a wand model for increased control. Magic!

Rabbit vibrators: Specially designed for a woman's body, they feature a small rabbit to titillate the clitoris as the shaft penetrates your vagina. These toys are perfect for women, who reach orgasm more easily with a vaginal and clitoral massage. Buy a silicone model for the best love session of your life!

Anal vibrator: Use a sex toy that has been specially designed for anal penetration (do not buy a wand for anal play). With their wide base, prostate stimulators and vibrating anal plugs are safer than vibrators for women. People who love anal pleasure will adore a good, long session with this type of sex toy. Take your time!

Our vibrating sex toys have at least one vibration mode, powered by a powerful motor. Vibrators may run on a rechargeable battery with a power cable or simply on batteries.

Rechargeable battery-powered vibrators: With a USB cable, charge the battery of your toy and enjoy the vibrations without plugging it in.

Plug-in vibrators: Perfect for long sessions. You'll never run out of power and your toy can last an unlimited amount of time!

Battery-powered vibrators: These sex toys allow you to have fun without depending on a power outlet and without having to recharge the battery. These sex toys are low in price and perfect for beginners.

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