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Vibrators: the must-have sex toy for women

A vibrator is a phallus-shaped sex toy for women with a vibration function. Specially designed to deliver a deliciously stimulating massage, the classic vibrator has evolved from a steam-powered contraption to a portable USB-powered plaything. Many women use a vibrator as a substitute for manual stimulation during their steamy solo sessions. Here at LOVE AND VIBES we carry a wide range of vibrators that will cater to every woman’s most intimate needs!

How to choose the right vibrator

At the LOVE AND VIBES online sex shop, you’ll definitely find the vibrator that best suits your needs and desires. Before choosing just any old model, read the following advice to find the perfect vibe for you!


We created our ORGASMIC collection of vibrators for women who are looking for fun and feminine toys. Our vibrators feature attractive and flirty colours that will look great on your nightstand: pink, purple, blue, fuchsia, etc. Just one look at these colourful toys will put an extra spring in your step!


Another important factor to consider while choosing a vibrator is the material of the toy. Most of vibrators are made of TPR or silicone for a soft, gentle feel. These materials will make your experience comfortable and ultra-realistic.


Our vibrators boast a wide range of different features. The best idea is to choose wisely based on your own desires and habits. The vibrators in our ORGASMIC collection boast a number of different attractive attributes that will make you tremble with pleasure. Of course, the most basic feature this type of toy can have is a simple vibration function. However, some vibrators feature double-vibrations powered by twin motors, such as the case of Rabbit vibrators. Other vibrators may have different vibration modes that you can explore to find the right vibe for you. Many vibrators also feature a rotation function to thoroughly stimulate your inner walls. The pivoting head is especially suited to those who love deep G-spot stimulation. For even more realism, try a vibrator with a thrusting feature, which perfectly imitates a man’s up-and-down pumping during sex. You’ll really feel like you’re being taken by a well-hung stallion. Many of our vibrators have all of these attractive features, for an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Power type

Our ORGASMIC collection lets you choose which source of power best suits your lifestyle. Many of our vibrators run on a simple batteries (most often AA or AAAs), which can be added on to your final order at the LOVE AND VIBES shop. Many of our vibrators are also rechargeable for your convenience, using the USB cable or AC wall adapter provided. With a rechargeable vibrator, you’ll never need to worry about running out of batteries. Just plug your toy in, and a couple of hours later you’ll be all set.


If you’re looking for an affordable vibrator, you’ve come to the right place. Our ORGASMIC vibrators run the gamut from very cost-effective options to super-luxe models. A simpler model will be relatively inexpensive, while an upscale model with several different features may cost a little bit more. Our ORGASMIC vibrators run from £25 all the way to £149.

With LOVE AND VIBES, the good vibrations are endless!

How to use your vibrator

Our vibrators have been specially designed to shake up your erogenous zones in a fun and stimulating way. Many of our models can be used both internally and externally. For your comfort and pleasure, we highly recommend that you use a generous squirt of water-based lubricant while enjoying your vibrator.

Vibrators can be used externally to stimulate the clitoral region and labia. Just run the vibrator over your clitoris, labia, the outside of your vagina, and your anus. You’ll awaken your intimate areas as the vibrator works its magic in the most heavenly way.

When used internally, a vibrator will deeply stimulate your inner walls with its awesome oscillations. The vibrator’s automatic thrusting function (or your own manual thrusting) will take your experience to the next level!

You can use a vibrator for during your steamy solo sessions or during couple’s play with your partner. Vibrators are incredibly fun to use during foreplay with your lover, adding a touch of freshness to your pre-game routine. When used during solo play, a vibrator will let you get in touch with your body. A well-chosen vibrator will give you pleasure whenever you need it most!

How to take good care of your vibrator

We highly recommend that you clean your vibrator with a suitable cleaner both before and after each use, for your health and to extend the longevity of your toy. We carry a wide selection of high-quality cleaners in our Lubes, Oils, and Accessories section.

We also recommend that you always remove the batteries from your device when you are using it. Do not leave a rechargeable product plugged in for longer than the maximum recommended charging time.

Our vibrator spin-offs

Many vibrators have taken on a life of their own in recent years! Allow us to present some of our “spin-off” vibrators: vibrators that have become so popular that they deserve their own category.

Rabbit Vibrators

Our Mr. Rabbit collection features Rabbit-style vibrators with a small bunny on the shaft that delivers clitoral stimulation during penetration. Rabbit vibratorshave become more and more sophisticated over the years, with more features and shapes than ever before.

Vibrating Dildos

Our vibrating dildos combine the realism of a dildo with totally stimulating vibrations. These toys perfectly replicate the look and feel of a man’s stiff penis, and add arousing oscillations to the experience. The vibrating dildo is perfect for those who would like a lifelike toy with some added features to add an extra kick to their solo play.