Sex toys for women

LOVE AND VIBES' Collection of Fun and Feminine Toys for Women

In recent years, sex toys for women have broken into the mainstream with the help of Sex and the City and the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Sex toys have now become just another part of the daily routine for many women. In 2016, about 53% of all women between 18 and 60 years old have used a sex toy. The most popular sex toy for women remains the classic vibrator, followed closely by the dildo! Now more than ever women are treating themselves right with the help of an adult toy and swapping recommendations with their friends.

The benefits of using a sex toy

A sex toy can be a satisfying substitution for a sexual partner, offering deep stimulation to your erogenous zones. Women who find themselves without a partner can maintain a happy, healthy sex life by reaching for their favourite toy during their steamy solo sessions. You can play with your sex toyswhenever you have a certain itch that needs to be scratched, with or without a lover.
The use of a toy with a partner lets you bring a new element into the bedroom, which should prove to be extra exciting for both of you. If you're looking to inject some freshness into your regular routine, a well-chosen sex toy can be a game-changer. Sex toys can also help couples step out of their safety zone and explore new types of sensual pleasure. Best of all, once you try one kind of sex toy, you'll want to experiment with other types! You'll quickly start building a toy collection that you'll both enjoy for years to come.

What kind of toy is right for me?

The world of sex toys for women has definitely reached new heights in recent years. Choosing between the many different types of toys now available and the sensations they offer to their user can be overwhelming to say the at least! Many sex toys are meant to be used in lieu of a sexual partner, and are ideal for solo play, while others are perfect for fun with a lover. Bottom line: sex toys are becoming more and more sophisticated than ever before, with intricate features and aesthetic realism. Many women who are novices to the (often intimidating) world of sex toy play may ask themselves what kind of toy is right for them, with respect to materials, design, and features. Here LOVE AND VIBES provides a guide to the most popular types of toys that we carry.

Our feeling dildo collection: an ultra-lifelike penis anytime you'd like

Lifelike dildos are a faithful replica of a man's stiff endowment, ready to penetrate whenever you'd like. With help from a water-based lubricant, just insert a realistic dildo into your vaginal or anal orifice and start thrusting as quickly or slowly as you'd like. You'll really feel like you're being penetrated by a highly-aroused partner. Your encounter will definitely end in massive orgasm. Our FEELING collection of authentically-crafted dildos features a range of firm phalluses in a variety of colours (beige, black, neon-coloured), textures (TPR, silicone, cyberskin, PVC), and sizes (from 5.5 to 15 inches in length and 0.75 to 2.25 inches in diameter). Many of our models also feature a sturdy suction-cup base for a hands-free ride. You can also choose from a host of different features: vibrations, rotations, pulse, etc. Our dildos will definitely give you the deep stimulation that you need for an unforgettable evening spent indoors!

Good vibrations with our orgasmic vibrators and mr. Rabbit bunny-style vibes

Vibrators are the number-one best selling sex toy for women! The vibrator's attractive sleek design and powerful performance put this classic sex toy for women ahead of the pack. Just slip your new favourite plaything out of your nightstand drawer whenever you'd like to appreciate its soft texture and ultra-satisfying oscillations. Here at LOVE AND VIBES, we do our very best to answer our customers' intimate needs, by offering a large selection of vibrators for women in our ORGASMIC collection. Our ultra-feminine and modern ORGASMIC vibrators have been specially designed for a woman's pleasure, whether you're a fan of vaginal or clitoral stimulation.
The reigning champion of the vibrator world is perhaps the world-famous Rabbit Vibrator. This First made famous in the Sex and the City episode in which Charlotte becomes obsessed with the considerable charms of her bunny vibe. For all of you novices, the Rabbit is a vibrator with a classic phallic shape and the added feature of a small rabbit sitting on the shaft. Once switched on, the rabbit flutters his ears against your clitoris. The combination of the girthy, pivoting shaft inside of your vagina and the extra clitoral stimulation will help you achieve what is known as a blended orgasm - a clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time. Our Mr.Rabbit collection will keep you coming back for more clitoral and vaginal stimulation: this product line featuresa wide array of models with different features (vibrations, rotations, thrusting, pulsing) that will make you want to spend the day in bed with a bunny!

Turn on your love button with our clitoral stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are an amazing addition to any woman's sex toy collection. The clitoris is incredibly sensitive to any kind of touch (rubbing, licking, blowing, etc.) and plays an important role in female sexual stimulation. Using a clitoral stimulator or mini-vibrator can add a new dimension of pleasure to your foreplay or solo play. Clitoral stimulation can indeed lead to an incredibly powerful orgasm for many women. Our ORGASMIC line of vibrators also features a number of innovative and reliably arousing clitoral stimulators. Clitoral stimulators are often quite small in size and emit strong oscillations. They also often feature many different vibration modes to offer an incredibly varied palette of sensual pleasure. Our stimulators also come in a wide variety of shapes (classic phallic shape, finger vibes, tongue-shaped) and textures (pleasure nubs, bumps, ribbing).

You'll be pleasantly surprised by our vibrating knickers

Women love wearing vibrating knickers for the discreet naughtiness of the wearing a toy underneath their clothing. The fun and feminine colours and powerful performancede of our knickers only add to the erotic experience. Our vibrating knickers often come with a remote control that you can hand over to your partner for even more excitement. Just slip the toy on like you would a classic pair of panties and get ready for intense stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and anus. With you partner in charge of the awesome oscillations, all you have to do is to ready for a colossal climax.

Treat yourself to highly sensual workout with our ben wa balls

It's clear to see why so many women have taken to using Ben Wa balls (or "jiggle balls") in recent years. These clever balls offer a double benefit to its users: the incredible stimulation of a sex toy, coupled with a highly beneficial pelvic floor workout. Once inserted into your vagina, the Ben Wa balls will gently massage your inner walls. The beads inside the balls jiggle around to the rhythm of your natural movements, creating a light vibration. Wearing your balls underneath your clothing all day long will get you fully aroused for that evening's activities. However, since your vagina will lightly contract throughout the day to keep the balls from falling, your perineal region will receive a major workout. These Ben Wa balls tone up your pelvic floor muscles even more efficiently than your regular Kegel exercises. The benefit? Stronger and longer-lasting orgasms during penetrative sex! Our EROBALLS collection of Ben Wa balls offers a wide variety of these wonderballs, in a full range of different colours, sizes, weights, textures (silicone, metal) quantities (single, double, and even triple), with a number of different features (remote control, vibration, etc.)

Get ready for some major magic with our fantasy wand vibrators!

Our FANTASY WAND vibrators are uniquely shaped for incredible external stimulation. The Fantasy Wand's large rotating head will deliver a super-satisfying massage to both your clitoral and labial regions. Contrary to many classic vibrators and the Rabbit vibrator, the Fantasy Wand was not designed for internal use: its head is not meant to be inserted into your vaginal orifice. FANTASY WAND vibrators are the perfect toys for women who love clitoral stimulation above all. Our Fantasy Wands come in a number of different colours, shapes and sizes, with a variety of detachable heads available for your pleasure!

Vibrators are the number-one best selling sex toy for women! The vibrator's attractive sleek design and powerful performance put this classic sex toy for women ahead of the pack.

Nipple toys: because your breasts need love too

If you love having your breasts stimulated, or are looking to temporarily increase the volume and firmness of your chest, you'll be blown away by our selection of nipple clamps and breast-enhancing pumps. Our breast-oriented sex toys will deliver a powerfully stimulating mammary massage that will arouse any fan of nipple-based pleasure. The breasts are an incredibly sensitive erogenous zone for many women, so it is important to give them some love during foreplay and solo play. With our nipple toys, you can easily stimulate your breasts without using your hands, so that you can concentrate on pleasuring the rest of your body.

Discover the exquisite pleasure of anal stimulation with our butt plugs

Women who would like to explore the exciting world of anal pleasure, perhaps as a preparation for anal sex, will love our selection of butt plugs. Our anal toys have been specially designed to stimulate your anal region in a gentle but intense way. Our PLUG and PLAY collection offers a wide range of anal toys. You'll easily find the perfect anal toy from our large selection of different colours, shapes, textures, and features (vibrations!). Our butt plugs all feature a wide flared base for easy and safe insertion and withdrawal. Once you experiment with incredible anal pleasure, you'll wonder how you ever went without it!

Sex toys for women and couples!

Some of our toys that have been specially designed for couple's play can also be used for solo play. These clever 2-in-1 toys will be a welcome addition to your exciting alone time.

Vibrating love eggs: for an internal or external massage

Our remote control vibrating love eggs can be used both internally (inside the vagina) and externally (for clitoral stimulation). This discreet toy is incredibly easy (and fun!) to use. The handy remote lets you or your partner easily control the vibrations (with up to 50 different modes!), for an unforgettable experience. Our EGGXITING collection offers a large range of titillating love eggs that you'll love to use for both solo play and with a partner. You'll be more than impressed by the different features and attractive designs that our eggs boast. We guarantee that you'll find a Grade-A egg in our affordable collection!

Switch roles for some pegging fun with our strap-ons

Our exciting strap-on dildos are definitely meant to be enjoyed as a couple! Just slip on one of our adjustable, comfortable strap-ons and you'll be all ready to peg your partner. Your lover will adore being penetrated as he enjoys deep anal stimulation and a memorable prostate massage. Heavenly! Same-sex couples will also love experimenting with the different lengths and girths available in our massive strap-on collection.

If you're looking to inject some freshness into your regular routine, a well-chosen sex toy can be a game-changer.

Our rosebud butt plugs offer discreet stimulation and a treat for the eyes

Just glide one of our Rosebud butt plugs into your backdoor for satisfying anal astimulation. This discreet toy can be worn underneath your clothing without anyone being any the wiser. The Rosebud's wide base will gently massage your anal walls, making this the perfect toy to complement regular intercourse. You'll love how tight your vagina will feel during sex with a Rosebud in your rear. Our DIAMOND collection offers an eye-popping selection of jewelled butt plugs for intense, yet refined, anal stimulation. These Rosebuds, made of steel or aluminium, feature an elegant gemstone. Once the plug is inserted, your partner will be bowled over by the lovely jewel peeking out from your butt!

We offer a wide variety of sex toys that have been specially designed for female pleasure! These toys will deeply stimulate your erogenous zones (vagina, clitoris, breasts, anus) during solo play and fun with a partner. LOVE AND VIBES lives to fulfill your desires, as we believe that a satisying sex life is the key to having a happy and healthy lifestyle!