The essential ingredients for perfect solo play

Posted on 10 May 2022 by Natalia
The essential ingredients for perfect solo play

The first International Masturbation Day was held on May 7th, 1995. Since then, the event has been extended to the entire month of May. After all, why stop at only one day? To celebrate International Masturbation Month, let's talk about the fine art of male solo play!

Before we dive in (we know you want our advice, but bear with us), let's look at the numbers. A recently published study shows that 80% of men masturbate and enjoy it, compared to only 64% of women. Everyone knows that masturbation gives you pleasure, but male solo play has many other benefits. So, pay no mind to Granny and her old wives' tales about solo pleasure making you deaf or blind. It doesn't! Masturbation actually reduces the risk of prostate cancer, bedwetting, incontinence and premature ejaculation. And if you ever get a cold, masturbation might help clear your stuffy nose. According to the same study, men masturbate 3 times a week, or 154 times a year. Not bad, right? Check out our top products to improve your next solo session.

1. Lubricant

Our top essential ingredient for solo play is lube! Whether you're alone or with a partner, lubricant is a must-have for more pleasurable masturbation. Use a generous amount of lube to say goodbye to chafing and enjoy more realistic sensations.

Try LOVE AND VIBES' top-rated water-based lubricant or our special anal lubricant.

2. Sex toys for your penis

Sex toys have become increasingly popular over the years, but what about sex toys for men? There's no shame in owning your pleasure by getting a little help with a handy sex toy. We carry a wide range of manual and automatic sex toys to stimulate your member.

If you're a beginner, we recommend that you try a pocket pussy for real-to-life penetration, especially Fleshlight toys. If you'd like to add some good vibrations to your session, we recommend our range of masturbators. You're bound to find the perfect model for you at the right price!

3. Anal sex toys

If you're looking to explore the explosive pleasures of prostate play, check out our selection of sex toys that target the P-spot.

At LOVE AND VIBES, you'll find the anal toy of your dreams in our wide range of prostate massagers. For beginners, we recommend a curved massager to reach your P-spot more easily. Men with a little more experience can opt for our Shell pulsing prostate massager.