Sexy lingerie and clothing

Feminine lingerie: be seduced by how comfy it is!

You'll soon realise that naughty lingerie is addictive. Ladies love having body confidence, and erotic lingerie is great for boosting self-esteem. There is sure to be sexy lingerie to hide the body parts you don't like, or flatter them so you actually start to like them. You need imagination even when wearing saucy lingerie, to keep both you and your partner satisfied.

You partner will see only the sex goddess in you when you are wearing a sexy bodystocking, nightie, body or any other item of kinky lingerie. You got it - erotic lingerie boosts self-confidence, makes you love your body, takes your mind off hang-ups and reveals your best bits.

You need to feel comfy in sexy underwear. It is therefore best to try several styles of sexy lingerie and know what you are after. Some women prefer sexy nighties, whilst others are fond of sexy crotchless bodystockings.

There is sexy naughty lingerie to suit all tastes!

You also need to be able to realistically look at yourself to know what you need to enhance. Several factors should be considered before purchasing erotic lingerie. A curvier lady may feel most sexy in a saucy bodystocking to flatter the figure.

Sexy outfits for curvy girls:

Lingerie for curvy, flirty ladies is also wonderful. Plus size lingerie is sure to titillate your modern man, fond of curvy ladies. A large bust decorated in lace is a weapon to be used by all curvy ladies.

Sexy outfits for naughty ladies:

Naughty lingerie is a game of contrasts. To achieve its purpose, erotic lingerie uses different fabrics, patterns, effects and so on. The body is both revealed and concealed. A lot is left to the imagination when sexy women wear transparent lingerie. Your partner will be the first to appreciate your efforts. Men have always gladly admitted that sexy lingerie turns them on.

In theory it is impossible to explain why men prefer women in sexy lingerie than fully naked. It may be that an item of feminine lingerie leaves something to the imagination - both frustrating and titillating to the opposite sex. A man's libido will go through the roof when you wear sexy lingerie.

Erotic lingerie: a two-player game!

Naughty lingerie is great for pleasing both partners. Women are flattered in erotic lingerie. Their curves, buttocks, breasts and legs become weapons of seduction in original attire. Suspenders, crotchless features and sexy full-body bodystockings have the sole aim of titillating your man. Ladies, in luxury lingerie you are sure to come out on top. Try it and you'll love it!

Some sex goddesses like to wear sexy lingerie as underwear, to really please their partners on a daily basis. This simple action can turn any moment into a naughty one. Your strip-teases and games will reach a whole new level.

Female lingerie: a real weapon of seduction!

Cleavage, transparent fabric and slits at the front or back - feminine lingerie has lots of ways of exciting your man. Men experience multi-sensory pleasure when you are wearing sexy lingerie. The senses of sight and touch will come into play (especially for lace items), boosting the libido.

Men are sure to indulge you with longer foreplay when you are in your favourite sexy lingerie. Naughty lingerie is great for letting your man know you are doing something special just for him, and luxury lingerie clearly encourages romantic evenings, which are important for all couples.

The most daring can even try BDSM-style kinky lingerie. Just like with sex, the only limit to sexy lingerie is your imagination.

Sexy lingerie is delicate: just a few bits of often-transparent fabric, so take care with your delicate lingerie. It is important to be gentle on delicate materials.

Why wait for Valentine's day to wear sexy lingerie? With LOVE AND VIBES you can wear it every day!

A wide range of lingerie: from plus size to BDSM

LOVE AND VIBES offers different types of sexy lingerie so that every woman can find something to her taste or add to her naughty drawer.

The naughtiest of ladies will love to order and wear sexy bodystockings and erotic outfits. These one-pieces aim to flatter women and foster eroticism, using all possible techniques to reveal the lady's best bits. Most bodystockings have the specific feature of being crotchless. This smart design means you can wear the outfit during sex. Bodystockings will boost your imagination in the bedroom.

As sexy as they are elegant, sexy babydolls are sure to titillate your partner on a daily basis. These sexy pieces of negligee will turn any woman into a femme fatale. There are nighties to flatter any body part, shoulders, bust, and so on. You just have to choose the part you want to showcase to excite your partner.

You can spice up a nightie with another saucy item of lingerie: stockings. Suspenders, tights and stockings flatter the legs. If you don't like your legs, sexy suspenders will flatter them, to provide you with added sex appeal.

Curvy women will also find what they are looking for with LOVE AND VIBES. Most of our sexy bodystockings and naughty nighties come in plus sizes. Curvy girls can flatter their figures with gorgeous plus size lingerie.

For the most imaginative sex, LOVE AND VIBES also offers sexy outfits for BDSM. This hot lingerie is designed in materials suitable for BDSM. This includes leather, latex and PVC catsuits.