Sex toys for couples

Sex Toys for Couples

If you’d like to add a dash of spice to your sex life, while strengthening the sexual bond between you and your partner, look no further than LOVE AND VIBES’ collection of sex toys for couples. Your libido will never be the same!

Eggxiting vibrating love eggs - your shared secret, powered by a handy remote control!

A vibrating love egg is the perfect “starter” toy for couples who would like to start experimenting with different kinds of sensations. These remote control love eggs are incredibly discreet and often boast a compact wireless remote. You can hand the wireless remote over to your partner for the evening as you wear the egg, letting them control the vibrations. That way, you’ll spend an exciting and surprising evening, never knowing when you’ll receive a sensual wave of pure vaginal stimulation. Most of our eggs boast a number of different vibration modes (between 10 and 50), so you’ll never grow bored of the egg’s awesome oscillations. Some eggs even have more advanced features, like rotations! These tiny love eggs are perfect for any location, from an intimate restaurant, to a friend’s place, or even in the club. Nobody will know about your sensual little secret!

Strap-on dildos - a new position for wicked new sensations

If you’re looking for a slightly more racy new experience that lets her take control of the reins of desire, opt for one of our strap-on dildos. The strap-on dildo is the perfect toy to add a saucy new dimension to your penetrative sex. When she wears a strap-on to penetrate your backside, you’ll experience sex from a brand-new angle. The strap-on harness kits from our Feeling collection are adjustable and made of incredibly soft materials, for the utmost in comfort during your sexy session. Our harnesses feature astoundingly lifelike silicone, TPR, and PVC dildos that look and feel just like the real thing. Many of our strap-on dildos have innovative features as well: rotations, vibrations, or even Rabbit-style. We even carry double-penetration strap-ons for those who are looking to get acquainted with the kinky pleasures of DP. This is the ideal toy for adventurous types who are searching for something a little extra for their bedroom activities.

Vibrating cock rings - stimulation for both partners

When you glide one of our mighty vibrating cock rings over your stiff member, you’ll feel the incredible stimulation of powerful oscillations all over your manhood and testicles. Best of all, during penetrative intercourse, your partner will feel the funky vibes against their most sensitive areas as well! The ring’s powerful internal motor emits incredible sensations directly to your external erogenous zones for pleasure that lasts for hours. Our JOYMAX collection features a large range of innovative cock rings that will thoroughly arouse your sensitive bits during sex. Choose from a range of different colours, textures, shapes, and sizes. This is a must-have sex toy for steamy couple’s play.

Vibrators for couples - vibe it up together

Our Vibrators for Couples will make both partners smile with their extra-stimulating oscillations. Their curved design is the perfect shape to diffuse brilliant vibrations to both his penis and her clitoris at the same time. Experience the pleasures of a simultaneous orgasm with our super-soft silicone models, many of which feature a wireless remote. Our heavenly ORGASMIC-brand vibrators for couples will leave both of you breathless.

Rosebud diamond anal plugs - elegant anal stimulation

Our elegant Rosebud butt plugs offer a whole lot more than your typical anal toy. These refined plugs not only stimulate the wearer’s anal walls, they also delicately decorate the anus with a combination of high-quality metal (steel or aluminium) and a brilliant jewel. Both men and women love wearing these plugs for the different kind of stimulation they deliver. Men adore the totally intense prostate stimulation, as they also enjoy longer-lasting erections and more intense ejaculation. Women will appreciate the way the Rosebud compresses their vaginal wall when worn during sex, making her love canal tighter. These plugs are incredibly discreet, so you can wear them underneath your clothing during the day to prepare your orifice for that evening’s events. If you’re an anal toy novice, we recommend that you first try out a smaller size (one of our “Light” models) to get your anal canal used to the feeling of wearing a plug. Experienced anal toy enthusiasts will enjoy our heavier models, such as our XL-size steel designs. Our DIAMONDS collection offers a wide selection of sex toys for couples , in steel or aluminium, from size S to XL, adorned with a jewels or faux animal tails. With such a vast selection, you’ll definitely find the plug of your dreams.

Our unisex collection

Many of our best-loved sex toys can be used by both men and women for solo play or couple’s fun. Our FEELING Dildo collection features a number of products that appeal to both the masculine and feminine physiques. Our PLUG & PLAY collection of affordable anal plugs will titillate both him and her during foreplay or intercourse.