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If you have a prostate, you'll love a stimulator

Anal stimulation is for everyone

Many men shy away from anal play, for a variety of reasons. In fact, we’ve found that the anus (and the prostate) is perhaps the number-one most neglected erogenous zone in men. Some look at the area as being dirty or taboo. Others feel that the anal canal’s sole purpose is for biological needs. However, these men don’t know what they’re missing! Once you try out prostate stimulation, you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

Stimulating the prostate for a powerful orgasm

You can start to explore anal pleasure in a number of different ways. Many couples first start experimenting with finger play, having one partner insert their finger into the other’s anus. However, for men, digital play is not the most effective way to stimulate the prostate as fingers may be too short. Using an anal toy specifically conceived for the stimulation of this special area guarantees you intense anal pleasure. Many anal play enthusiasts believe that if you have never experienced a true prostate orgasm, you’ve never truly lived.


How to choose the right prostate stimulator

There are many important factors to consider while shopping for the perfect prostate stimulator. The stimulator’s material, shape, and features are all elements to take into account while browsing around to make sure that you find the ideal model for your needs.

A U-Shape for 100% Prostate Pleasure

Prostate stimulators often have the same classic shape: a rounded design to ensure comfortable insertion in the anal orifice. This way, this anal toy will easily hit the famous P-spot, a man’s hidden erogenous zone that can provoke a seriously powerful orgasm.

From silicone to PVC

Most prostate stimulator materials are super comfortable and allow easy insertion. You’ll find a variety of different textures, from colourful jelly to smooth TPR to sturdy PVC.

How to use your prostate stimulator

Here are our top LOVE AND VIBES tips for using your prostate stimulator.

Remember to clean your stimulator

It is very important to clean your anal sex toy with a suitable cleaner both before and after each use. We recommend using a high-quality toy cleaner every time for best results. This step will not only extend the longevity of your toy, it will also ensure a totally hygienic experience for you.

A colourful choice

Our prostate stimulators come in a range of different colours. While black remains the most popular colour for this type of product, you’ll also find white and red models.

Vibrating prostate stimulator: shake it up!

Today, you’ll find a wide range of vibrating prostate stimulators on the market. The awesome oscillations will only add to the exquisite experience. You’ll feel the amazing vibrations all throughout your anal orifices as soon as you switch on the delightful device.

Lube up your toy

For ease of insertion and your comfort, we highly recommend applying a generous squirt of lubricant to your stimulator. A healthy dose of lube will increase your pleasure as well!

Add a condom

For an easier clean-up, some fans of prostate stimulators slip a condom over their toy before using it. It may sound silly, but this practice could also extend the longevity of your product!

Stay seated

For the easiest insertion of your prostate stimulator, we recommend a seated position. In this position, the stimulator’s U-shape will glide more easily into your anal canal.

The pleasure of insertion

In order to best enjoy the benefits of your prostate stimulator, we recommend full insertion, by gliding the entirety of the insertable portion of the stimulator into your anal canal. Full insertion is necessary for the end of the anal toy to reach your prostate. Keeping the toy inserted for extended periods of time may give you the urge to urinate and give you a very strong erection. You can add a manual masturbation to your session to take things to the next level.

Proper storage of your stimulator

To extend the longevity of your toy, we recommend that you keep it in a clean, dry area, away from too much sunlight, dust, or prying eyes. You can also invest in a dust bag to keep it protected from dust and debris.

What are the benefits of prostate stimulation?

Not only does playing with your prostate feel amazing, but regular prostate stimulation may have added health benefits. Studies have found that the regular use of an anal sex toy could cut the risk of prostate disease in older men.

Exploring your prostate gland

The main function of the prostate is the production of seminal fluid.

Know Your Prostate

The prostate is gland that is present in the male body, situated under the bladder and surrounding the urethra. The prostate is the size of a chestnut: it weighs about 20 grams and is about 1.25 inches long.

Prostate Diseases

Prostate cancer is a prevalent disease among men of all ages and walks of life. The earlier it is detected, the better the outcome will be. We recommend that you ask your doctor about regular checks for prostate disease.