Prostate massager

One of the best sex toys for male pleasure, prostate massagers allow you to experience long, intense massage sessions and great P-spot orgasms. The sleek shape makes it easy to reach your prostate so that you enjoy targeted prostate stimulation every time. Whether you're a prostate play beginner or an anal aficionado looking for new toys, you'll find the right stimulator for you in our large selection. Feel the vibrations!

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What is a prostate massager?

A prostate massager, also known as a prostate stimulator, is a male sex toy designed specifically to stimulate the prostate gland—often dubbed the P-spot, or the male G-spot. While some men may opt for direct stimulation using their or a partner's fingers, prostate massagers provide a more targeted and intense approach. Available in both manual and automatic versions, these toys are engineered to enhance stimulation of this vital erogenous zone effortlessly.

Why should I use a prostate massager?

Using a prostate massager can help you achieve a prostate orgasm, which is more potent and satisfying than a traditional orgasm. Regularly indulging in prostate massage will not only allow you to enjoy a new kind of pleasure, it also has a number of health benefits. For example, prostate play may help in treating erectile difficulties and enhance your urinary flow, making it a worthwhile addition to your regular sexual wellness routine.

Should I opt for a manual prostate massager or an automatic model?

The choice between a manual and an automatic prostate stimulator largely depends on personal preference and your level of experience. If you’re a complete novice in the world of prostate play, you may find a manual toy easier to manage, as manual toys provide gentler stimulation and will help you learn how to find your prostate gland. A manual prostate massager is also easier to control, so you’ll enjoy a more customised experience. On the other hand, automatic massagers offer a more dynamic and intense experience, as they have different features that allow you to explore different sensations (like thrusting movements or deep vibrations).

How do I choose the right prostate massager for me?

Buying the right prostate massager from our extensive range might seem daunting, but our comprehensive buyer’s guide, How to choose a prostate massager, is here to help. Authored by our expert LOVE Team, our buyer’s guide outlines the essential factors in making your choice, like materials, features, and pricing. That way, you can make an informed decision and buy a toy that suits your lifestyle and wallet!

Can I use my prostate massager with a partner? Or is it for solo play only?

Yes, of course you can use your stimulator with a partner! In fact, prostate massagers can significantly enhance couple play. Whether you use it during foreplay or as part of the main act, incorporating a P-spot stimulator can elevate the experience and introduce an exciting element to your most intimate moments. They are a fantastic tool for couples looking to explore new kinds of sexual pleasure together.

Can I share my prostate massager with my partner?

Not the best idea. We advise against sharing your prostate massager with others to avoid the risk of transmitting infections or STIs. However, if your toy is a manual model made of a non-porous material (e.g. silicone, steel, glass), you can share your toy if you sterilise it properly.

How do I clean my prostate massager?

Keeping your prostate massager hygienic is important for your health and safety. You should be cleaning your toy after each use, following the instructions provided in the user’s manual on the product page. If you have an automatic model, avoid submerging your device in water. Always store your massager in a clean, dry place to ensure it remains in optimal condition.

For more advice on using and caring for your prostate massager, refer to our detailed how-to guide, How to use a prostate massager. This handy guide will give you offers valuable insights on enjoying your first prostate massage and keeping your toy in top condition.

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