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LOVE AND VIBES: Your adult toy and sexy lingerie store

We created our store based on the idea that everyone should have an open, fun, and satisfying sex life, whether you're alone or with a partner (or several), regardless of your age, gender, or sexual orientation.

We want to make pleasure more accessible to everyone!

Our talented team will process your orders and respond to your messages with the utmost care. We are committed to giving you pleasure and fulfilling your desires as best as we can.

Our goal: to be satisfied when you are!

LOVE AND VIBES, next-level pleasure for adults

In the past, if you wanted to buy an adult toy, you had to go to the seedy part of town and go to a dodgy shop or order a "face massager" from a catalogue.

LOVE AND VIBES is revolutionising the erotic toy market with our online shop, adding new items to our range every day to satisfy your needs and to give you the most pleasure you've ever experienced!

Our products are sold exclusively online to guarantee the lowest possible prices and to ensure complete discretion for our customers. When you shop at LOVE AND VIBES, you can order your first sex toy or your first doll without worrying about other people seeing you. You can also add the latest trendy product to your collection of intimate toys or check out all of the different kinds of lube that we have to offer.

A little bit of background

In a few words, LOVE AND VIBES is:

A people-friendly company 

Our company was founded in 2011 and all of our stock was stored in...a basement! Sometimes, the greatest adventures start in the most unexpected places.
LOVE AND VIBES then hired a dedicated team and moved into our first warehouse, which quickly became too small. The adventure was only just beginning...

Since then, our team has grown and so have our warehouse and offices!

Over 2000 products at exceptional prices

With our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing market, we source and search for the latest adult and self-care products, allowing us to offer a range of exclusive products that will give you an incredible amount of pleasure.

The wide variety of products that we have on offer will blow away both the sex toy aficionado and the beginner who has not had much experience in the fun world of adult toys! Don't worry, if you have any doubts, the LOVE team will be on hand to advise you and to help you find the sex toy of your dreams.

Visit the international LOVE AND VIBES sites, and, to treat yourself wherever you are!

Our guarantees

  • FREE delivery on all orders over £70
  • Express shipping with 24-hour delivery
  • Absolute discretion guaranteed during purchase and delivery
  • Quality control of our all of our products
  • A team to listen to your needs
  • Hours of pleasure guaranteed!

So, what's your pleasure today?

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Customer reviews Customer reviews
XXL-sized giant curve suction-cup dildo
0 stars 5 stars
By Julian
Stunning dildo - I need a bigger one now!
Norah vagina and anus masturbator 15 lb
0 stars 5 stars
Norah is HOT
By Shaun
She is perfect, breasts are a well sized handful, they look and feel natural, the TPR skin is soft and feels great, I was also surprised by a metal spine, she really turns me on and makes me really wet, she's really sexy.
Chelsea inflatable blow job doll
0 stars 5 stars
Great sex doll at the price
By Geoff
very good quality sex doll I bought the blond version of this doll and am very pleased with it and it is better than some dolls I have bought at twice the price.