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A realistic dildo offers a perfect replica of a man’s erection. This easy-to-use sex toy for men and women can be inserted into the orifice of your choice.

For ease of insertion and increased pleasure, we strongly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant while enjoying your dildo. Using lube will also increase the realism of your experience. If your dildo vibrates, you can also use it externally as a clitoral stimulator. If your dildo has a flared or thick base (for example, models featuring lifelike testicles), you can also use it as an anal plug. Once you’ve finished enjoying your dildo, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly clean it using a suitable toy cleaner. If you do not have a cleaner on hand, you can also use water and a pH neutral soap (provided that you take care not to immerse any electronic components in liquid).

We also recommend that you properly store your dildo while not using it. Take care to store in in a clean, dry area, away from dust, too much sunlight, and prying eyes. We also recommend investing in a dust bag for your realistic suction-cup dildo if it is made of a material that easily attracts dust (like silicone).



The dildo is a realistic toy that perfectly replicates the male anatomy. Dildos let their users discover a new way of being penetrated during solo or couple’s play. Now more than ever, you don’t need a man’s stiff member for penetrative pleasure. The dildo lets you experiment with deep vaginal or anal stimulation in your own way, whenever you’d like. Today, you’ll find an endless selection of different kinds of dildos available on the market.

The origin of the word dildo

The etymology of the word dildo is shrouded in mystery. Some think that the sex toy may take its name from the phallus-shaped element used to position an oar on a dory, a type of small boat. Another possibility is the word is a corruption of the Italian diletto, meaning “pleasure”. While the actual origin of the word is enigmatic, we do know that the term has been around since the 16th century – and that William Shakespeare himself used the term in The Winter’s Tale. How’s that for a sexy English Lit lesson!

The birth of a realistic dildo

According to archaeological research, the first appearance of a dildo can be traced back to about 27,000 BC. While we cannot assume that all representations of the phallus were used for sexual means, we cannot rule out the possibility that people of the time were getting busy with well-chosen phallic-shaped objects they had lying around. In ancient Egypt, many archaeological masterpieces, from frescos to sculptures, depicted the penis. We can only conclude that the penis has been an important part of a number of different human civilizations throughout the years. Frankly, we understand why!

From hard rock to supple silicone

The dildo has evolved in many different ways since it first stepped on the scene. The first dildos were made of glass, stone, wood, and leather. The Second World War saw the birth of the first rubber dildos, featuring a solid steel inner frame. The idea of rubber was quickly discarded, as the material had the unfortunate tendency to degrade quickly with use. Rubber soon gave way to the first PVC dildos. Perhaps the biggest shake-up came in the 90s with the advent of the silicone dildo. This soft and lifelike material soon made a splash with sex toy aficionados everywhere. Today’s dildos are mostly made of super soft, body-safe materials. Allergies aside, the use of a modern dildo is practically risk-free. The only scary thing about using a dildo is how good it feels!


Throughout the years, dildos have evolved to suit the needs of all consumers. Once a simple phallus, today’s dildos boast such modern features as suction-cup bases that allow users to experience a hands-free experience. You can stick a suction-cup dildo to any smooth surface, like shower tiles or the coffee table. Riding your dildo hands-free makes penetration much more authentic and lets you stimulate other parts of your body at the same time.

Shakespeare himself used the term dildo in The Winter’s Tale. How’s that for a sexy English Lit lesson!

Double dong cater to couple who are looking to shake things up, as well as women who would like to experiment with the exquisite world of double penetration. A double dong is a long, flexible sex toy that features a dildo on either end. During double penetration, a woman can insert one end into her vagina and the other into her anal canal. The 19th century brought another innovation to the dildo landscape: vibrations! In 1880, the vibrator was born. Over the years, manufacturers added rotating and thrusting functions to the dildo’s repertoire of steamy tricks for an even more intense and authentic experience.