If pain is synonymous with pleasure for you, you’ll find the perfect accessories for sadomasochism on our site. Dive into the exciting world of SM play, and prepare to be punished or rewarded with our exciting and highly stimulating toys. Paddles, whips, riding crops, nipple clamps and many other SM tools will surprise and titillate you and your partner. It’s time to experience a new kind of pleasure, as gentle or as extreme as you’d like.
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Redefine the limits of pain and pleasure with our collection of sadomasochism accessories. Whether you’re an SM novice or an experienced Dom/sub, our wide range of toys and products will satisfy your every need.
For intense punishment and gentle rewards, our riding crops, floggers, and whips are just what the Dom ordered. Use these high quality tools to whip, stroke, or caress your sub as a punishment or reward for their behaviour.
Fancy a spanking session? You’ll absolutely adore making your mark on your partner with one of our powerful paddles.
If you’re seeking more extreme sensations than what a vibrating toy has to offer, opt for an e-stim session with our erotic electrostimulation gear. Our e-stim equipment will make the chemistry between you and partner positively electric!

Nipple clamps are a must-have accessory for any sadomasochism enthusiast, as the nipples are an erogenous zone that is highly sensitive to pain and pleasure. You can even decorate your clamps with feathers and pearls to get your sub all dressed up for your SM session.