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The silicone artificial vagina

Easy to use, practical and pocket-sized, the silicone vagina is a sex toy for men that will stimulate your just like a real thing! The other undeniable advantage of this artificial vagina is that it comes in a number of different models: suction-cup vagina, vibrating vagina, travel-sized vagina, doggy-style vagina, etc. Most of our artificial vaginas depict a part of a woman’s anatomy, like the mouth, vagina or anus. But sometimes, these artificial vaginas have sexy little details to satisfy your penis in just the right way. If you haven’t yet tried a small vagina, no need to panic - this article will help you find just the right model to suit your needs. Pay attention!

An anal artificial vagina

First, it is important to know that most artificial vaginas are made of silicone (TPE) to guarantee ultra-comfortable penetration. The anal artificial vagina is specially designed for men who love anal sex. With its generous curves, this anal artificial vagina lets you enjoy delicious anal action, deeply penetrating a textured anus. You’ll boil over with excitement when you experience the intense sensations that feel just like the real thing. We even carry models like the tight ass masturbator, which has a very tight orifice for even more stimulation on your shaft.

The suction-cup vagina

All men love the suction-cup vagina masturbator or “suction-cup masturbator”! And for good reason, as these incredible toys feature a suction cup on the base of the masturbator, so you can enjoy the vaginal orifice in a totally hands-free manner! Stick the suction-cup artificial vagina on the wall, a piece of furniture or any smooth surface to penetrate the vagina and the authentically-designed labia. You’ll achieve climax in no time, thanks to the intense thrusting action. The best part about the suction-cup masturbator is that you can use it in any position that you’d like, with your hands totally free. 

The automatic artificial vagina

Commonly known as an “automatic masturbator”, the automatic vagina is the perfect toy for satisfying your craziest desires and stimulating your erect penis! You don’t have to do any of the work: simply insert your penis into the automatic vagina masturbator and it will deliver back-and-forth thrusting motions for your pleasure! The sensations are totally delicious and you’ll quickly experience absolutely orgasmic stimulation. Some of our models are equipped with a silicone sleeve with internal pearls, for a incredible penis massage.

The vibrating artificial vagina

Also known as a “vibrating masturbator” the vibrating artificial vagina has the same features as standard vagina masturbators, but also vibrations modes to totally stimulate your penis. On top of delivering torrid sensations, your vibrating masturbator will help your experience a totally delicious solo session. 

The mouth pocket pussy

The mouth pocket pussy or or “mouth masturbator” is an incredibly original sex toy! Featuring a blow job mouth, the mouth vagina masturbator delivers ecstasy-filled solo play to the lucky man who uses it! Featuring a number of very exciting details (lips, texture, tongue), this ravenous mouth will overwhelm your penis, making you want to go deeper and deeper! The sensations you’ll feel will be very close to a blow job, making you feel like you’re really inside a gorgeous siren’s mouth. Some mouth masturbators have other features, like a tongue or teeth (made of silicone, of course), to massage your erection with a slight amount of pressure.

The silicone travel pocket vagina

Our travel pocket vaginas are perfect for love-on-the-go, as you can carry them with you anywhere thanks to their pocket size. Are you leaving on vacation and don’t want to be too far from pleasure? Are you going to a seminar for several weeks and are worried that you’ll miss your wife? The travel pocket vagina is essential for discreet pleasure at any time. Light and ultra-compact, you can slip your travel pocket vagina into your bag for masturbation fun wherever your travels take you.

The double penetration pocket vagina

Have you always dreamt of experiencing double penetration? Our double penetration pocket vagina, also known as a “2-orifice masturbator” is the perfect sex toy for you! If you’re dying to penetrate a super-tight anus, or want to explore a welcoming, deep vagina, you can’t go wrong with our 2-orifice anus and vagina masturbator! With a double penetration artificial vagina, you’ll discover superb penetration sensations, similar to a steamy doggy-style session or totally exciting anal action. Switch between the different kinds of stimulation with a 2-in-1 sex toy that will work wonders on your sex life.


Considered as one of the most beloved sex toys for men, the silicone vagina is the perfect male sex toy for unbelievable solo pleasure. Ultra-realistic and extremely soft, this realistic vagina features a supple canal and comes in a number of different original features: a fist masturbator/firm-grip-hand-job-masturbator.html, a foot masturbator, a mouth masturbator, a realistic pregnant woman masturbator, a manga masturbator and many more. Most of our pocket vaginas are manual and don’t have electric features like vibrations, heat, or rotations.

Who can use a vagina sex toy?

A pocket pussy is a pocket-sized sex toy that you can bring anywhere with you. Easy to carry and discreet, anyone can use a manual masturbator if they want to experience an incredible amount of pleasure. 

This is the perfect toy if you're bored of manual action and want to breathe a little bit of life into your masturbator session. Our pocket vaginas help you get off in an original way, as it will feel like you're penetrating a real vagina (or anus). The artificial vagina sex toy has been designed for solo play, but you may also use it during your cheeky sex sessions with your partner.

Our realistic vaginas (including our black vaginas) are made of soft and supple materials like silicone. A pocket pussy for men is the perfect toy to increase the sensations you feel during penetration.

Made exclusively for men, our silicone vaginas will give you limitless pleasure and orgasmic stimulation during each use. The silicone vagina acts as a perfect replica of a woman’s vulva to satisfy your craziest fantasies.

How to choose a realistic vagina?

Vibrating vagina, latex vagina, artificial vagina and anus, foot vagina, mouth vagina: there are so many models that it may be difficult to choose the perfect climax-inducing toy. To choose your pocket pussy, it is important to ask yourself the right questions before buying: what part of a woman’s body excites you the most? What kind of sensations are you seeking? How much are you willing to spend on the perfect model? What kind of features would you like your pocket vagina to have? 

After taking an inventory of your desires, you’ll have a clearer idea of the right modele for you. For example, if you are allergic to latex, we recommend that you purchase a silicone vagina. If you would prefer to plunge yourself into lovely mouth than a vagina, opt for a pocket blow job masturbator. If you love a great bubble butt, opt for an artificial ass and vagina. If you enjoy feeling vibrations during your solo session, we recommend that you opt for a vibrating vagina.

As we’ve already mentioned, LOVE AND VIBES the online sex shop has developed a number of different pocket vagina models, each one more unique the last. Pocket vagina manufacturers are never short on new ideas, and regularly dream up never-before-seen, versatile designs.

Both stimulating and incredible realistic, pocket vaginas are known for their many uses: during foreplay, doggy-style, missionary, for cheeky couple’s games, quick solo play, etc. When it comes to manual masturbation, there are no limits! 

How to use your male pocket vagina?

Whatever silicone vagina model you choose, all vagina sex toys are used in the same way. Unless you opt for a vibrating vagina, in which case you just have to switch on the vibrating bullet in the orifice. Most travel pussies feature between 1 and 3 orifices ready to satisfy all of your desires: a vagina, an anus, and a mouth.

Your very detailed artificial vagina for men has been designed with a number of very stimulating details, which are different depending on the model: a tight vagina, a textured anus, a lovely bible butt, or authentically-designed labia.

Thanks to its appealing appearance and realistic internal texture, this produce has been lovingly crafted to give you exceptional sensations and the most orgasmic penetration of your life. The silicone vagina is very easy to handle. Its compact format and user-friendly shape lets you use it with one hand or two.

Before jumping right into penetration with this sex toy, you must totally erect, otherwise it will be difficult to insert yourself into this toy. After, simply penetrate the silicone vagina like you would penetrate your wife or girlfriend. The silicone sleeve and your thrusting movements will deliver a totally awesome orgasm

Its texture will give you out-of-the-ordinary sexual pleasure and savage penetration. To increase your pleasure, you may want to spank, caress, pinch or nibble your toy for an even more intense and real-feeling stimulation.

The walls of most of our realistic vaginas are authentically-textured with ribbing and pleasure nubs to deliver pleasure and excitement that feels just like real vagina/anal penetration.

Pleasure nubs, ribbing, bumps, nodules, artificial tongue: all of these little details will make you experience a unique masturbation experience by massaging your erect penis. Don’t forget the most important part: lubrication! Since our pocket vaginas do not get naturally wet like a real woman’s vagina, we recommend using a personal lubricant with these toys to make penetration comfortable and prevent harmful friction.