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Looking for the perfect travel masturbator to satisfy your desires on the go? Buy a pocket pussy! These pocket-sized male sex toys for solo masturbation simulate pleasure-filled penetration to perfection. Our pussy, anal, and blow job strokers will give you the best masturbation session of your life. Each stroker has a different material (like silky soft silicone), internal texture and depth. All you have to do is choose the best toy for you at just the right price from our wide selection. Don't forget to add lube to make your session feel just like the real thing!

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What is a pocket pussy?

A pocket pussy is a small, realistic male masturbator that delivers intense sensations during solo sex. A pocket pussy replicates the look and feel of a real woman's vagina. This male sex toy helps you enjoy hassle-free and satisfying masturbation.

You can use a pocket pussy during solo sex to enjoy deeper stimulation and comfort. Your pocket pussy will allow you to experiment with new and different sensations. Using a masturbator during your solo session will make the experience feel like real sex. Our pocket pussies even look like the real thing. You'll love their realistic details and tight, textured walls.

What is the difference between a pocket pussy and a pussy stroker?

The terms "pocket pussy" and "pussy stroker" both describe a small, masturbator for men. There is no real difference between these two terms for small masturbation toys. We carry a wide range of both pocket pussies and stroker masturbators at the right price.

What is the difference between a pocket pussy and a Fleshlight?

A pocket pussy and a Fleshlight both deliver intense, realistic stimulation. However, a pocket pussy is much easier to use on the go. Thanks to its compact size, a pocket stroker is the perfect toy to bring with you on vacation or a weekend out of town. If you want a Fleshlight but are hesitating due to the price, opt for an affordable pocket masturbator.

What are the different types of pocket pussies?

Most of our pocket pussy masturbators have realistic details. They look and feel like the real thing. Some of our masturbators even have soft breasts that you can massage during your sex session. We also carry pocket strokers with male anatomy, with a penis and anus. Some pocket pussies even come with a vibrating bullet that you can stick into the vagina or anus area. The soft vibrations will make your solo sex play even more stimulating!

What is the best way to use a pocket pussy?

A pocket pussy is one of the easiest male sex toys to use. Follow our advice to get the most out of your new male toy.

Always use lube

Apply a generous amount of lube to the length of your penis (we recommend using a water-based lube). Lube will make your experience more realistic and pleasurable. It will make your pocket pussy will feel as wet as a real vagina. You'll feel like you're having sex with a real partner. 

Heat up your pocket pussy with a hole warmer

You can even use a USB hole warmer for even more realism. A USB hole warmer will heat up the vagina to make it feel close to body temperature.

Choose just the right stroking rhythm

Once your pocket pussy is ready, glide your penis inside of the vagina. Move the masturbator back and forth along the length of your penis as quickly or as slowly as you'd like (they don't call it a "stroker" for nothing!). You can experiment with different speeds to fully customise your experience.

Your pocket pussy will allow you to enjoy the best masturbation session of your life. All thanks to this handy sex toy for men! You'll want to play with your pocket pussy all night long.

Why should I use a pocket pussy?

A pocket pussy will give you intense pleasure, so your masturbator sessions will be quick and powerful. This is the perfect toy for busy men with no time to waste. We also recommend using your pocket pussy before sex with a partner. Your stroker will prepare you for sex by giving you a quick orgasm, making you last longer with your partner. Think of it as a practice vagina! You can also use your stroker during partner play. Your lover will love to watch you pleasure yourself with your new toy.

How do I choose a pocket pussy?

You'll find a wide range of pocket pussies and other small masturbators in our male sex toy category. What are some things to consider when looking for the best pocket pussy for you?

Price and material

The first thing to keep in mind is the price. How much does a pocket pussy cost? It all depends on the material that you choose. Soft and silky silicone will be more expensive, while a realistic TPE model will be cheap. Make sure that you choose the material that you like best, that feels soft against your skin. The amount of realistic detail on the pocket pussy may also affect the price.

Type of orifice

When choosing your pocket pussy, you'll also want to consider what type of orifice you like best. If you prefer vaginal sex, opt for a pocket pussy with a vagina. If you like anal sex best, pick up a stroker toy with a tight anus. As we've mentioned, if you're looking for an even more intense experience, opt for one of our vibrating toys.

How do I clean my pocket pussy?

Remember to always clean your pocket pussy after every sex session. This is especially important if you've used a lot of lube.

Use a special sex toy cleaner for cleaning

To make your toy extra-clean, use a special cleaner for silicone sex toys. You'll find a wide variety of sex toy cleaners available for order in our Sexual wellness section. In a pinch, use warm water and a mild soap free of alcohol and silicone.

Use a douching bulb for rinsing

We recommend that you rinse your masturbator after cleaning. You can even use a douching bulb to rinse out the vagina. It is very important to remove all traces of soap from the orifice during drying your toy.

Use an absorbent stick for drying

After, you'll want to dry the vagina completely before storing it. For quick and easy drying, we recommend using an absorbent stick. You can select an absorbent stick directly on the product page of the pocket pussy of your choice. 

Find the perfect storage area

After your stroker has dried completely, store it in a cool, dry area, away from dust and direct sunlight. If you’d like to keep your masturbator away from prying eyes, invest in a protective pouch made of a high-quality, breathable material like silk or cotton.

If your pocket pussy contains a delicate material like silicone, it is important to clean it regularly. That way, your toy will be in tip-top condition for years to come!

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