Lubes, oils and accessories

Products for Well-Being: Lubricant, Cleaner, and Massage Oil

The LOVE AND VIBES sex shop will be your faithful partner in hygiene and comfort, as we offer a wide variety of intimate well-being products. In this section you’ll find a number of different high-quality products to help you take care of your sex toys, while making your experience more pleasurable and comfortable. Lubricant, cleaner, condoms, and massage oil…we truly carry all that you need for a totally wicked evening spent indoors.

The benefits of personal lubricant

Personal lubricant is a gel that has been specially developed to be used in cases of intimate dryness. When you’re experiencing a lack of natural lubrication, gel lubricant can be a quick and easy replacement for the real thing. Lubricant makes intercourse much more pleasurable and comfortable. It makes penetration much easier, whether you’re using a sex toy or welcoming a man’s stiff member.

Gel lubricant: the choice is yours

In the world of intimate gels, it can be difficult to choose the product that is best for one’s needs and budget. If you’re looking for a special anal lubricant, a flavoured lubricant, or even an affordable lubricant, just have a browse through our lubricant section: you’ll definitely find the right product for you.

Anal or vaginal gel

If you’re looking to enjoy anal or vaginal penetration, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality personal lubricant. In our Lubes, Oils, and Accessories section, you’ll find a wide range of intimate anal or vaginal lubricants. These products have been specifically created for the orifice of your choice. For example, anal sex requires an extra-efficient formulation, since the anus does not have any natural lubricant.

Edible lubricant

Some of our lubricants are totally edible, and therefore can be licked or sucked off of your lover’s body. These lubes are especially suited for foreplay, as they let you switch between manual and oral stimulation. Our cola-flavoured lube, for example, will remind you of a bubbly glass of this iconic soda.

Odourless Lubricant

Unlike our edible or fruity lubricants, our odourless lubricants are totally neutral and transparent. They are simple lubricants that get the job done without any bells or whistles. These lubricants are recommended for those with ultra-sensitive skin.

Water- or silicone- based lubricant

If you’re using a silicone-based sex toy, we highly recommend that you use a water-based lube in order to keep your sex toy in tip top condition. Using a silicone-based lubricant with silicone toys may damage their appearance or texture.

Using a lubricating gel while pregnant

During pregnancy, you may notice a number of changes occurring in your body. For example, pregnant women may produce less natural lubrication. In order to combat this phenomenon, you may wish to use personal lubricant while making love during your pregnancy. Rest assured, the use of lubricant is absolutely safe and will not harm your foetus in any way. Many specialists feel the need to reassure worried future parents: “the use of an intimate lubricant during pregnancy will not produce any unwanted effects in the baby”.

Using a lubricant during your first time

We highly recommend the use of a personal lubricant if you are having sex for the first time. Your body may not be used to so much excitement and sexual stimulation, and may not produce a sufficient amount of natural lubrication. To compensate, you may wish to use a simple intimate lubrication during penetration. For even more fun, opt for a fruity-tasting model, which will make foreplay and sex with your lover a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Sex toy cleaners

Sex toy cleaner is a must-have product for those who want to take special care of their toys and use them in totally hygienic conditions. LOVE AND VIBES strongly recommends that you use a toy cleaner both before and after every session with your toy.


A latex condom is a contraceptive device to be used during sexual intercourse, which will reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of STIs. Male condoms, which are placed over the penis during intercourse, are far and away the most popular type of condom, but female condoms are now increasing in frequency of use. If you are unsure of how to use a condom, do not hesitate to seek out an online tutorial to help you learn how to put your condom on properly.

How to choose the right condom

We carry a wide selection of different condoms to choose from: XXL-sized condoms, fruit-flavoured condoms, and ribbed condoms, just to name a few.

Sexual enhancement products

Looking for a pick-me-up during sex? Our libido-stimulating products will definitely meet your needs. Your partner will immediately notice the difference in your endurance and desire.

Anal hygiene

If you’re looking to experiment with anal sex, you’ve come to the right place. We highly recommend that you prepare your anus for penetration by purchasing a few of our anal hygiene products, such as an anal-cleaning douche. Your back door will be totally ready for your partner’s stiff member or your favourite anal toy.

Massage oils and candles

Massage is a highly sensual activity that many couples practice before an intimate encounter. Being tenderly massaged by a partner will help you relax before the main event. For an absolutely heavenly massage, try adding some oils or candles to your regular routine.

Aromatic oils for an intimate massage

Our massage oils are relaxing, sensual, and specially designed to be used on your most intimate areas. Our collection of massage oils is truly endless, so you will definitely find the right oil for you. We carry a wide variety of different kinds of oil: heating, fruit-flavoured, affordable, etc.

Massage candles for an erotic ambiance

We also carry candles which transform into massage oil as if by magic. These 2-in-1 products are perfect for creating the perfect cosy, romantic scene with your partner. Simply light the candle 20 minutes before you’d like to use it with your lover. The wax will progressively liquefy to create delicious massage oil. You can then pour the oil onto the desired area and rub away. This oil is totally safe to use and will not burn your partner. This is the perfect accessory for an intimate evening indoors.