Ben Wa balls

Tone up your pelvic floor with our Ben Wa balls, which are made to strengthen a woman's most intimate muscles! Available individually or in a set, our Ben Wa balls are designed to be placed in the vagina to strengthen your pelvic floor with their weight. This sex toy for women will help you regain control of your body, especially after childbirth. Daily training will make you feel more pleasure during sex, and may even increase bladder control.

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Have your pelvic floor muscles become weaker after childbirth? Are you experiencing a loss of tone in your pelvic area since menopause? Kegel exercises will help you regain control of your body, for a stronger vagina and more satisfying sexual encounters. Simply insert a pair of Ben Wa balls with different weights into your vagina to strengthen your muscles a little more each day. When you first use your Ben Wa balls, take your time and apply a bit of lube to the toy for smoother insertion. You'll notice more pleasurable orgasms after just a few days of training, as well as improved sexual health

These Ben Wa balls will strengthen your muscles and your pelvic floor, thanks to their weight and their light vibrations. Simply insert the Ben Wa ball into your vagina and go for a walk - the ball will do all of the work for you! They will also increase your partner's pleasure during sex. While the primary purpose of our jiggle balls is to tone up the pelvic floor and strengthen it through training, these sex toys for women will also feel incredibly comfortable and pleasurable inside of you. Opt for a set of two balls linked together with a string, in a variety of designs and colours, with different features and prices. Our Ben Wa balls are mostly made of high-quality medical silicone, which is comfortable, soft and safe to use. Weight is the most important feature to consider while choosing your toy. If the ball is too heavy, it won't feel comfortable inside of your vaginal orifice, and if it is too light, it will not be effective. We recommend that you start with a light weight and work your way up, one day at a time.

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