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Vibrating Knickers: For Frisky Feminine Fun

Our playful vibrating knickers are currently soaring in popularity at the LOVE AND VIBES online sex shop. This discreet and easy to use toy has several attractive attributes and will definitely spice up your evening out.

What are Vibrating Knickers?

A pair of vibrating knickers is a sex toy for women that delivers serious clitoral stimulation. More powerful models can also stimulate the labia and anal region. Often the toy is made of two adjustable elastics that are connected to a vibrating component. A pair of vibrating knickers is an ultra-discreet toy that can be worn all day long underneath your clothing.
Some models are very similar to a real pair of panties and have the same look as expensive, sophisticated lingerie. Vibrating knickers are often controllable with a compact remote, so you can ask your partner to customise your pleasure from afar!

Vibrating Knickers from LOVE AND VIBES

The LOVE AND VIBES Online Sex Shop carries a wide range of vibrating knickers to fit you in just the right way. Take the time to explore the many options awaiting you in our Sex Toys for Women section.

Our vibrating knickers boast several attractive attributes to stimulate your sweet spots to the max!

Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Many of vibrating panties have interesting features to entice your wild side while stimulating your sensitive areas. Thanks to a handy (wireless or not) remote control, you can easily select the mode that best suits your clitoris, vagina, anus, and labia. Our panties can be controlled from a distance, which should make for a cheeky evening out with your lover.

Single, Double, or Triple Stimulation

Our vibrating knickers have been specially designed to vigorously stimulate your lower erogenous zones, especially your clitoris. Many of our models offer double or even triple stimulation, thanks to a smaller shaft that fits inside your vagina or anus, or both at the same time!

How to Use Your Vibrating Knickers

If you’ve never slipped on a pair of vibrating knickers before, you’re in for a treat! Once you’ve found the perfect pair of starter panties for yourself (nothing too complicated!), just try on your new toy and enjoy the amazing new sensations. You’ll find the perfect pair for your first time (at an affordable price) at the LOVE AND VIBES online sex shop.

Deep Sensations

Wearing a well-chosen pair of vibrating knickers will stimulate your clitoris, vagina, anal region, and labia. No woman will be able to resist the incredible orgasmic feeling delivered by a fresh pair of vibrating panties. Beyond the mind-bending physical stimulation, you’ll also love how your vibrating knickers will strengthen the intimate bond that you share with your partner. Just hand the compact remote over your partner for the evening and let them figure out the best way to turn you on!

Your New Favourite Sex Toy

You can use your new vibrating knickers during your solo steamy play or for fun times with your lover. During solo play, your vibrating knickers will offer a convenient way to stimulate your lower areas, so that your hands are free to titillate other parts of your body (your nipples for example). These panties are incredibly fun with a partner as well. You can give the remote to your lover and let them choose the vibration mode. That way, your partner can get you off in a public area, without anyone being any the wiser!

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