Fantasy wand vibrators

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Fantasy Wand ultra power vibrator

Get your buzz on with our Fantasy Wand vibrators!

Our Fantasy Wand vibrators have been specially designed for clitoral stimulation. These unique vibrators feature a powerful motor that delivers mind-blowing external vibrations. Thanks to the Fairy Wand’s stellar performance and wide variety of vibration modes, this sex toy for women has become increasingly popular among discriminating ladies who love pleasure. This fantastic toy has even been called “the Rambo of vibrators”, thanks to its mighty orgasm-dispensing abilities! This vibrator will totally change the way that you look at solo play!

How to Choose Your Fantasy Wand Vibrator

You’ll find a wide assortment of orgasmic Fantasy Wand vibrators at the LOVE AND VIBES online sex shop. Here are a few of our best tips on finding the right toy for you.


Our Fantasy Wand vibrators are made of amazingly soft materials. The sturdy handle is usually made of solid PVC while the massaging and vibrating head is made of incredibly soft silicone, TPR, or Rubber Touch.

Extra Massaging Heads

Some Japanese models come with extra massaging heads, allowing you to switch things up and discover new types of stimulation. Some of our models have up to three different heads, so you’ll never get bored of your toy during your solo session. With so many heads to choose from, this is truly the only clitoral toy that you’ll need.

Power Type

You may choose the right model for you based on the type of power used to charge the toy. Some of our Fantasy Wands run on classic batteries (typically AA and AAA batteries, not included), while others are totally rechargeable. Our rechargeable models are definitely more convenient. Once you notice your toy is running low on power, you just have to plug it in to the nearest power source – no scrambling for new batteries needed!

Attractive Designs

These clitoral stimulators take the shape of a 4 to 13.75 inch long tube-like toy featuring a prominent vibrating head. Visually, the Fantasy Wand is similar to a microphone, which is fitting since its orgasmic power will have you crying out until the end of the evening. The Fantasy Wand’s head diffuses the powerful vibrations that will make your love button tremble with pleasure.

Different Features

All Fantasy Wand vibrators boast super-intense vibrations. Some models have other incredible features, like a warming function or a pivoting head. Explore all of our models to find the model that will turn you on the most.


You’ll find the right Fantasy Wand at the right price in our FANTASY WAND Collection! These vibrators are surprisingly affordable and will last for years with proper care.

Our Clitoral Sex Toys

In the wonderful world of sex toys for women, there are numerous cheeky accessories that will titillate your clitoris and labia. Our clitoral stimulators, mini-vibrators, and vibrating knickers deliver all of the external stimulation you need for a super satisfying solo session.

Clitoral Stimulators and Mini Vibrators

These discreet toys have an attractive, feminine design and boast a whisper-quiet and long-lasting motor that powers mind-bending vibrations. You’ll fall for the feminine colours and delicate materials of our range of clitoral stimulators and mini-vibrators. You can also use these tiny toys in conjunction with your Fantasy Wand for double stimulation.

Vibrating Knickers

These wearable vibrators can be slipped on underneath your clothes for all-day secret stimulation. These discreet vibrating knickers are perfect for subtle stimulation. Many models feature a wireless remote that you can hand over to your partner. Let your lover control your stimulation for a few hours and you’ll be in for an evening full of surprises.