Clitoral stimulator

Clitoral stimulators are sex toys that are specially designed to stimulate a woman's most sensitive area. Some of the models in our collection deliver vibrations, pulsations and even suction. Today, clit-stimulating toys are the best way for women to achieve orgasm quickly and easily. All of our products are designed to satisfy your desires, so you'll buy a toy that will stimulate you just as intensely as you'd like, any time that you'd like. You'll find just the right model at the right price.

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Mr. Quack 2-in-1 clit stimulator
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Midnight tapping clit stimulator
Daisy 2-in-1 clit stimulator
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"In the Pink" pleasure pack
Vibee-Girl contact-free clit stimulator
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Papaya 2-in-1 clit stimulator
50% off
Mua clit stimulator
Best Seller
Bis clit stimulator and massager
Uncanny finger vibrator
"Rock me, Mitch!" Pack

The famous vibrating duck and other stimulators

You can use a vibrating toy by yourself or with your partner to spice up your sex life and feel great as you enjoy intense, orgasm-inducing sensations all over your body. If you like external stimulation, the stimulation will feel like magic! You'll want to keep your new favourite accessory with you at all times. Different types of toys deliver different kinds of pleasure, whether gentle or powerful. Vibrating sex toys are the most common and are well known for the deep pleasure that they provide. Vibrating sex toys have different levels of intensity to suit every woman’s desires. The vibrating duck is perhaps the most famous model, thanks to its design and effective stimulation. Other models feature different functions, such as suction, pulsating air or contact-free stimulation, and some products can even simulate oral sex with a moving silicone tongue.

Pleasure yourself with a clitoral stimulator

Try a wand model during sex with your partner for more control and faster orgasm. You can use the toy over your clothes if you are sensitive, or stimulate your intimate areas directly. Many women use toys that emit vibrations for their health, as regular orgasms will keep you in a great mood. We recommend using a lubricant when the toy is in direct contact with your skin. If your toy is made of silicone, make sure to choose a water-based lubricant.

Using a toy is a good way of getting to know your body as you feel new sensations. Our wide selection of products will allow you to boost your desire in different ways and spice up your everyday life.

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