Clitoral stimulators and mini-vibrators

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Clitoral stimulators and mini-vibrators

You’ll find a wide variety of sex toys to suit your every need at the LOVE AND VIBES Online Sex Shop. Women will definitely find the toy of their dreams in our collection of clitoral stimulators and mini-vibrators. A clitoral stimulator will make it easy to skilfully massage your most powerful erogenous zones, helping you achieve orgasm in a matter of minutes.

Get to know your clitoris

The clitoris is an erectile organ located at the exterior of the vagina, measuring between 0.5 cm and 1 cm. The visible part of the clitoris is only the tip of the iceberg, as the entire clitoris is about 11 cm (4.25 inches) long. The clitoris can be found at the base of the pubic, in front of the labia. This powerful love button can unleash an insane amount of pleasure when rubbed in just the right way. To properly stimulate your clitoris, it is important to take it slow. As the clitoris lives inside a hood all day, it’s not used to being touched and is incredibly sensitive. Start by stimulating other erogenous zones like your breasts, nipples, and labia before slowly making your way to the clit. Run the clitoral stimulator over your clitoral region using the weakest vibration speed possible to get your body used to the pleasure. LOVE AND VIBES is always here for you, to answer all of the questions you may have about our mini-vibrators and how to use them.

Using a mini-vibrator with a partner

While many women use their clitoral stimulator or mini-vibrator for solo play, this type of toy can be equally exciting during foreplay with your partner, or even during intercourse! Run the mini-vibe over your clitoris as your partner caresses the rest of your body during sex for an insane amount of stimulation. Your mini-vibrator is also the perfect size for use during penetrative sex. Your lover will get insanely turned on at watching you come harder than you ever thought possible.

What is a clitoral stimulator?

A clitoral stimulator, very simply, is a toy that is specially designed to titillate your clitoris. These tiny sex toys are mostly around 4 inches long, with a very small diameter. Their small size makes them easy to handle and use, while their attractive design will make you want to proudly display them on your night stand. These mini-vibes are small enough to be used internally, to arouse your vaginal walls.

Pint-sized pleasure

Your clitoral stimulator is light and easy to handle. It is compact enough to be discreetly slipped into your bag for stimulation of the go, whenever you’d like.

Gorgeous design

Our clitoral stimulators look like miniature versions of our attractive range of vibrators, with the same colours and features. Some women prefer the smaller size and easier handling of a mini-vibe to the larger version.

Exciting features

Our clitoral stimulators feature a powerful motor that emits stimulating vibrations. Some stimulators boast different vibration modes, letting you choose the vibe that most turns you on. Other stimulators also feature a sucking mode that mimics incredibly satisfying cunnilingus.

How to use a clitoral stimulator

You’ll find a wide selection of our ORGASMIC-brand clitoral stimulators at LOVE AND VIBES’ Online Sex Shop. Browse around and we guarantee that you’ll find the mini-vibe of your dreams.

Power Type

We carry both battery-powered and rechargeable clitoral stimulators. Our battery-powered mini-vibes usually run on AA, AAA, or button cell batteries. Make sure that you’re inserting the batteries in the right direction, respecting the polarities (+/-) marked on the compartment. Our rechargeable models can be easily charged using the USB cable or AC wall adapter provided.

Run the mini-vibe over your clitoris as your partner caresses the rest of your body during sex for an insane amount of stimulation.

Lubricant and Cleaner

Once you’ve fully charged your clitoral stimulator, you can get started. To increase your comfort and pleasure, we highly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant while enjoying your mini-vibrator. For hygienic reasons and to extend the longevity of the toy, you should also be thoroughly cleaning your vibrator both before and after every use with a suitable cleaner.

Clitoral and Vaginal Massage

Once your toy is all charged up, switch it on, and start running it around the area surrounding your clitoris. The powerful vibrations will awaken your clit, making you more and more aroused. For an astoundingly intense experience, you can even use your mini-vibrator internally, by partially inserting it into your vagina. You’ll feel the awesome oscillations all over your body!