A trip to your erogenous zones

Posted on 20 November 2020 by Amandine
A trip to your erogenous zones
Men and women have practically the same erogenous zones. They can be found all over your body, and stimulating them will excite you. The sensitivity and stimulation methods will vary according to your sexual education, cultural context and individual experience. The larger the erogenous zones, the more desire you'll feel.
I asked for your favourite erogenous zones my Insta stories this week and your answers took my breath away! I learned that anything is possible. The idea is to be open to what stimulates both you and your partner. The secret to successfully exploring your different erogenous zones is speed. Slow down! Slow and steady wins the race. Enjoy the journey, as you explore unknown territory…

From the tip of your toes to your ankles. A caress behind your knees, a kiss in your lower back. Spending some time on your back, your stomach. Licking. Massaging the back of your neck. Soft murmuring while kissing your ears. Slow down. Consider the different possibilities and ask your partner to visit your favourite places. From smaller places to wide open spaces. Are you shivering yet?

The largest zones are the most well-know (and enjoyable) destinations. The peak of pleasure. These are known as the main erogenous areas. The mouth, the tongue, saliva. Breasts. Nipples. The g-spot. The p-spot. The prostate. The penis and clitoris. So many areas to explore for your pleasure. So many different ways to stimulate your body, as everyone has a favourite zone. Don't forget your favourite sex toy for a guaranteed orgasmic experience ;)

There you have it, wise travellers. We'll meet you at seventh heaven, for a powerful sensual experience. Your erogenous zones, mind and heart will all be turned on. Emotions, imagination, and fantasies. Sexual satisfaction isn't only about physical stimulation, but mental stimulation as well. When stimulation is long and intense enough, your mind will be as involved as your body. This is what's known as an emotional connection. A spiritual dimension of absolute pleasure.

You've arrived at your destination! The outside temperature is a thousand degrees and you're bound to have a steamy holiday.

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