Pump and enlarger

If you're seeking a new kind of sensual stimulation, you’ve come to the right place.

Our pumps and enlargers are specially designed to stimulate your most intimate areas with a unique vacuum effect, for intense pleasure every session. We have pumps and enlargers for both men and women, so you’ll find the perfect model for your clit, pussy, nipples or penis. Choose just the right pump or enlarger to enhance your anatomy and discover satisfying sucking sensations.

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Our intimate pumps and enlargers allow you to easily adjust the suction level, so you can enjoy gentle or intense (but always deeply pleasurable!) sensations.

Women love our clit pumps for the way that they perfectly replicate the feeling of a satisfying oral sex session with a talented partner. Our pussy pumps are designed to fit over any woman’s vulva, for amazing stimulation of the entire area. Those who enjoy breast play will love our nipple pumps, which deeply stimulate the nipples with sucking sensations. You can use a nipple pump during solo play while stimulating yourself with another toy, or during sex with a partner to achieve a faster, more powerful orgasm.

Our penis pump collection has a model made for every man. Our pumps will add inches to your member, delay ejaculation, and deliver totally intense sensations.

Our pumps come in both automatic and manual models, but they are all very easy to use. Use a pump right before sex with your partner to make your intimate areas more sensitive to the touch.