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Our butt plugs are perfect for men who are just starting to experiment with anal pleasure and prostate play. Anal toys come in a wide variety of sizes: we recommend that beginners opt for a small size, while experienced users may choose a large model. We carry a wide selection of anal toys, so you'll find the perfect butt plug at just the right price! Whether the base is flat, with a ring, a tail or a jewel, a butt plug is the perfect toy to prepare for anal sex! Apply a little bit of lube to your plug before insertion for your comfort. Keep the plug inside of you all day long to enjoy the perfect prostate massage.

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Softy clear suction cup anal plug
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Extreme dilation anal dildo
Big black butt plug
Big Daddy giant anal plug
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Outrageous giant anal plug
Big Momma giant butt plug
Pride XL-diameter butt plug
Pawn suction cup butt plug
Small anal plug
Pink beaded anal plug
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Beaded anal plug
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Anal beads 12.00 inches
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If you've never experimented with butt plug play before, you should know that massaging the anus and prostate is one of the most stimulating sexual activities a man can experience. Take it slow at first, then gradually increase the size of your toys to train your anus to enjoy the sensations. A plug can even help prepare you for anal sex. Our butt plugs come in a wide range of materials (like silicone, stainless steel, and glass), which provide very different kinds of stimulation. Silicone plugs are softer and ideal for anal play beginners, while metal plugs are harder and more intense to use. You can easily clean your anal sex toys with soapy water to keep them their best. We also recommend using lube with your butt plug.

Anal plugs...not just for gay men!

Choose a butt plug in a small or large size to help prepare the anus to be penetrated by a penis during anal sex. You may also want to use a prostate massager to make foreplay even more special. You can wear an anal plug at any time of the day. Most plugs have a flared base, so they stay hidden underneath your clothes. However, some of our butt plugs feature a jewel or an animal tail to add a bit of spice to sex with your partner, whether they're a man or a woman! Some plugs also have a ring at the base for easy removal. The important thing is to buy the right size for you (small, large), the right material (silicone, metal, glass), with the right features (inflatable, vibrating, waterproof, etc.). You'll find a variety of plugs at different prices: some are sold alone and others come in sets of several plugs in different sizes to help you train your butt! You'll find the best anal play toy for you at the right price point.

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