Metal butt plug

Discover powerful anal pleasure with our metal butt plugs! Mostly made of stainless steel, these small sex toys deliver a more intense anal massage than silicone butt plugs. Metal butt plugs are compatible with any kind of lubricant, water- or silicone-based, for your convenience. Select the butt plug of your dreams from our collection of anal toys: hollow or with a tail, gem-studded, silicone suction cup, heart-shaped, etc. Butt plugs are ideal for foreplay, to prepare for anal sex with your partner or just to get in the mood. We carry a wide range of different sizes (from small to large) and high-quality materials (stainless steel, aluminium) so you can choose the perfect length, width, weight, and texture for your body.

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Rocket large butt plug – 7 Colours
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Metal butt plugs are becoming increasingly popular for deep anal stimulation, and for good reason: this sex toy allows you to break out of your routine by intensely massaging your anus for highly satisfying intimate pleasure. Metal butt plugs come in many different materials (stainless steel, aluminium), with exciting features (gem-studded, with a tail, with a silicone suction cup) that will keep you coming back for even more intense anal stimulation. The sexy benefits of a metal butt plug don't stop there: thanks to the resistant metal used to make these toys, your anal plug can be dipped into cold or hot water before insertion to experiment with temperature play. You can also use your anal plug with any type of sex toy lube (water-based or silicone-based), for increased comfort and pleasure! Our butt plugs are made of sturdy metals such as stainless steel or aluminium, which will make your plug feel soft and comfortable inside of your anus. Because metal is a hard material, these anal plugs also deliver a powerful anal massage during solo or partner play. It is important to choose just the right size for you, with respect to diameter, length and weight: anal play beginners will prefer small sizes for their butt toys, while more experienced users can enjoy intense anal play with a medium or large size. The weight of your toy is also an important consideration. A metal butt plug usually has a sleek and simple design. Rather than the rainbow of bright colours you may find with regular butt plugs, most of our metal plugs are plain silver or gold. However, you can spice things up a bit by choosing a model with a sparkling heart-shaped gem or an animal tail for even more fun! The important thing is to choose the butt plug that best suits your personality, for truly satisfying anal play.

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