Butt plugs for women

Looking for an ultra-stimulating anal toy for women? Discover our selection of butt plugs designed for the female body! Using a butt plug for solo or partner play will transform your regular pleasure routine, as these toys are the perfect size and shape to deeply massage your anal walls. If you want to rev up your regular sexual routine, wear a butt plug during sex with your partner to tighten your vaginal muscles. Our butt plugs for women are made of stainless steel, silicone or glass. You can even change the temperature of certain plugs by dipping them in cool or hot water for even more anal pleasure!

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Softy clear suction cup anal plug
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Ruthy beaded butt plug
XXL ribbed butt plug
King size large anal plug
Extreme dilation anal dildo
Big black butt plug
Big Daddy giant anal plug
Prowess giant anal plug
Outrageous giant anal plug
Big Momma giant butt plug
Pride XL-diameter butt plug
Pawn suction cup butt plug
Small anal plug
Pink beaded anal plug
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Beaded anal plug
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Anal beads 12.00 inches
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For a whole new kind of pleasure, try a butt plug for women! These female sex toys are both elegant and sexy. Some plugs even feature an animal tail or a gemstone that will drive your partner crazy with desire. Many of our butt plugs have a tapered tip, making them suitable for anal play beginners.

For women, the use of a butt plug, also called an anal plug, can be very pleasurable. Men also love to wear butt plugs for the prostate stimulation that they provide. But the effect that a butt plug has on the female body is different. Wear a butt plug alone during solo play to experiment with anal stimulation, or if you're feeling extra adventurous, wear a butt plug during penetrative sex with your partner to tighten your vagina for a more intense sexual experience. A butt plug is also the perfect toy for anal play beginners – during foreplay, insert a plug into your anus to prepare this sensitive part of your body for anal penetration with a dildo or your partner's penis.

Our butt plugs for women come in several different shapes and sizes to make you feel good. Our anal plugs are mostly made of stainless steel, silicone, aluminium, and glass. For easy insertion, opt for a model with a tapered tip, and don't forget to use plenty of body-friendly lube for best results. If you're using a steel or glass butt plug, dip your toy into hot or cold water to experiment with temperature play. There's nothing like a little anal play to heat you up on a cold winter's evening or cool you down on a hot summer's day! After you've finished your anal play session, disinfect your butt plug with a suitable sex toy cleaner. We have several products on our website that will get the job done!

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