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Theo - Realistic Silicone Male Torso
Droid thrusting masturbator
Manta vibrating masturbator
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Vibrate & Throb Blow Job Masturbator
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Challenger giant anal plug
Big Daddy giant anal plug
Outrageous giant anal plug
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Gay sex toys: pleasure at your fingertips

At LOVE AND VIBES, you’ll find a number of sex toys for gay men, with several advantages: choice, affordability, discretion, and same-day shipping.

Once you’ve ordered your cheeky gay sex toys, you will receive your parcel quickly, so it won’t be long before you have fun by yourself or with your partner. The pleasures of gay sex will only increase thanks to our special gay sex toys, which have been specially designed for homosexual men: prostate stimulators, dildos for men, masturbators, and several other exciting devices.

Which gay sex toy is right for me?

Gay men have specific needs when it comes to using a male sex toy, which is why LOVE AND VIBES has created a special selection of sex toys for gay men.

LOVE AND VIBES, your online boutique for gay sex toys

You’ll definitely find the right toy for you in our selection of high-quality sex toys for gay men: dildos, anal plugs, XXL dildos, prostate stimulators, male sex dolls, or even a male sex torso. We also carry fellatio-simulating masturbators and penetrable artificial anuses. You may also wish to have browse through our collection of penis pumps and cock rings, which will increase the size of your erection and help you last longer during sex.

We also carry a wide variety of anal lubricants and anus-relaxing creams, as well as other lotions to increase the size of your manhood or increase the sensitivity of your perineal area. You’ll also find our Pleasure Packs, which feature realistic anuses and prostate stimulators at discounted prices.

Strap-on dildos for gay men

Our hollow strap-on dildos will increase the size of your penis, so that your rigid member can give even more intense pleasure to your partner. Pleasure will be at its peak for both partners as you perform vigorous back and forth movements while penetrating your partner.

The top online shop for gay sex toys

Our penis sleeves are the perfect toy for increasing the length and girth of your pole, while delivering an intense inner massage with their unique textured surfaces. Our penis sleeves are the perfect toy for increasing the length and girth of your pole, while delivering an intense inner massage with their unique textured surfaces. Meanwhile, wearing a penis sheath will desensitize your penis, which will help you last longer while penetrating your partner. Our penis extenders will maximize your erection, help you last longer, and prevent premature ejaculation.penis sheath will desensitize your penis, which will help you last longer while penetrating your partner. Our penis extenders will maximize your erection, help you last longer, and prevent premature ejaculation.

Both partners will love how long their sex sessions will last thanks to this ingenious little toy. Our sleeves are simple to use and totally safe.

Choose from our stunning collection of male dildos

Short, long, thick, realistic, inflatable, suction-cup, flexible, double, or super hard? Whatever your criteria for the perfect dick are, you’ll definitely find the trouser snake of your dreams from the dozens of high-quality dildos in our FEELING collection.

To use your dildo in the best conditions possible, don’t forget to pick up a tube of anal lubricant to make insertion easier and more pleasurable.

Feel like a fist-fucking session?

Anal fisting is very popular sport among our more daring customers, which is why we have added a new kind of dildo to our line-up: fist-fucking dildos! These toys perfectly replicate the look and feel of a clenched hand and forearm, ready to penetrate your rectum for XXL-sized dilation. These large, rigid dildos deliver totally intense sensations during penetration. Most of our fisting dildos feature a sturdy suction-cup base for hands-free fun. The forearms of these models offer extreme dilation with 2.75 inches in diameter and 12 inches in length.

Special inflatable sex dolls for gay men

The more virile sex toy fans among our customers will enjoy having a handsome stud at their disposal at any time of the day or night! You’ll be able to live our wildest fantasies with one of our realistic love dolls, which perfectly replicate the look and feel of a real man’s physique. We have 2 particular models that gay men will enjoy: a male blow-up day with a vibrating penis, and an inflatable doll with realistic hands and feet, as well as a massive dick and a soft penetrable anus.

Plugs and anal dildos for gay men

Our 2-in-1 sex toys which combine a cock ring and an anal plug let you penetrate your partner while being deeply stimulated yourself. Everyone’s anus will be taken care of when you use this sex toy for couples. Now you won’t have to wait your turn to experience deeply intense anal penetration.

The best masturbators for gay men

Our gay male masturbators have absolutely everything that you need in a sex toy for solo sessions. Some of our masturbators are strikingly realistic, replicating the exciting shape of a tight anus, or a lovely mouth that will welcome in your pole for some exquisite fellatio. LOVE AND VIBES’ masturbators come in a variety of different fun colours: gold, blue, orange, black, purple, just to name a few.

LOVE AND VIBES, your partner in hard-core satisfaction

Experiment with a vibrator for gay men

Men love our mini vibrators for the deep anal stimulation that they offer. You can run the mini-vibe all over your perineal area, your rectum, your testicles, or even inside of your anal canal for absolutely explosive penetration.

Electro-stimulation: extreme sex toys

Are you curious about exploring the world of BDSM sex toys? Opt for one of our electric anal plugs, penis cages, or cock rings to experience an incredible combination of pleasure mixed with pain.

Our collection of fetish and S&M products will satisfy the needs of those who love experimenting with the BSDM lifestyle during their partner sessions. Our gay sex toys featuring electrical stimulation are the perfect tool for doling out delicious punishments.

Gay pleasure during solo play or fun with your partner…or others!

It is essential to keep your sex life fresh and exciting by introducing exciting new ingredients into your love life. Both heterosexual couples and homosexual couples will enjoy inventing new kinky games to play during their erotic evenings indoors. You’ll discover brand new kinds of pleasure to share with your favourite lover. You’ll enhance every bedroom session with the incredible sexual objects that we offer on our online sex shop.

If you haven’t found the sex toy of your dreams in our selection of sex toys for gay men, don’t hesitate to have a browse through our men’s section for even more choice.

While carefully curating our Sex Toys for Gay Men category, we have selected only our best-selling, most beloved products. Enjoy all of the toys that we have to offer, as you discover new and exciting toys that will feel right at home in your bedroom.