Rosebud Silicone Jiggle Butt Plug with Massaging Inner Bead

Rosebud Silicone Jiggle Butt Plug with Massaging Inner Bead

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  • A sex toy for men and women
  • Perfect for discreet anal pleasure
  • Internal pearl = natural vibrations
  • Ultra-soft silicone
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  • Length : 3.15 in
  • Colour : Black
  • Diameter : 1.25 in
  • Material : Silicone

You’ll stimulate your sensitive backside in a gentle yet intense way when you wear our Rosebud Silicone Jiggle Butt Plug with Massaging Inner Bead.

At 3.5 inches long, this silicone plug boasts a 1.25-inch diameter. Its flared base makes it easy to handle and safe to insert and withdraw.

This plug’s sexy little surprise is massaging marble located in the head of the plug, which bounces round when you move, creating natural vibrations that you’ll feel all along your anal canal.

This is the perfect plug for anal play beginners, both male and female.

The Pleasures of Rosebud Anal Play

An anal plug is a popular sex toy made to titillate the anal orifice. This often-neglected area contains a number of super-sensitive nerves that react to the slightest touch. When your backdoor region is properly aroused, your brain will react, releasing endorphins, hormones that bring about pleasure and wellness.

Just glide the anal plug into your orifice, right up to the flared base. Always make sure that the base is outside of your body, for quick and easy withdrawal if necessary. You can add a few drops of water-based lubricant to the toy to make insertion easier. Once the plug has been inserted into your rear end, you’ll immediately feel the intense backdoor stimulation.

You can wear an anal plug in the daytime underneath your clothing, in order to prepare for that evening’s events or simply for your personal pleasure. Both men and women love wearing anal plugs, though the effect is not the same in both sexes. Women love wearing anal plugs because by pressing up against the anal canal, they make the vaginal orifice tighter for intercourse. Men love the feeling of high-quality anal plug pressing against their sensitive prostate. Anal plug wear can be combined with other sexual activities for even more pleasure: penetrative sex, blowjobs, hand jobs…nothing is off the table when you have a well-fitting anal toy up your butt.

Massaging Inner Bead

The marble-like bead inside the head of this anal plug works much like those inside Ben Wa balls. The bead will bounce around inside of the plug to the rhythm of your movement, creating natural vibrations that you’ll feel against your inner walls. So as soon as you move, the anal plug will massage your anal canal with absolutely heavenly oscillations.

Complementary Products for Your Rosebud Anal Toy

To make insertion easier, we highly recommend adding a tube of high-quality water-based lubricant to your order. You’ll also find a wide selection of wide-based lubricants in our Lubes, Oils, and Accessories section. It is essential to only use water-based lubes while wearing this silicone toy, as any other kind of lube (oil-based, silicone-based, etc.) may damage its appearance or texture.

For your health and safety, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly clean your butt plug both before and after use. We recommend storing this toy in a clean dry area away from dust, too much sunlight, and prying eyes.

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