Double Bump Silicone Jiggling Anal Plug

Double Bump Silicone Jiggling Anal Plug
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  • Length : 10,00cm
  • Colour : Black
  • Diameter : 1.25 in
  • Material : Silicone
  • Anal Stimulation
  • Non-Vibrating
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Feel like experimenting with deep anal stimulation? When you take our Double Bump Silicone Jiggling Anal Plug out for a test spin, you’ll discover new intense backdoor sensations.

This 4-inch-long ultra-soft silicone anal plug features two differently-sized bumps on its shaft, with diameters of 1.25-inch and 1-inch.  

Just glide this incredible anal toy into your tender orifice and get ready to feel the two jiggle balls emitting their natural vibrations against your anal walls. The small bead inside each bump will bounce around to the rhythm of your movements, creating a real stir in your anal canal. 

The Benefits of a Jiggling Anal Plug

Our collection of anal sex toys will rev up your rear like none other on the market, titillating your backside in the most delightful way. Your orgasm during intercourse will be all the more electrifying while wearing a well-chosen butt plug. Both men and women love anal plugs for the incredible sensations they deliver during sex.

Benefits for Men

Men will adore the backdoor stimulation of wearing a super-silky silicone anal plug during sex. The anal region is full of sensitive nerve endings just waiting to be titillated by a high-quality anal toy. Our anal plugs delicately caress your anal walls, targeting your sensitive prostate, to trigger the most powerful orgasm of your life. Wear a plug while penetrating your partner, during solo play, or during a blow job for a winning combination of ultra-sensual pleasures.

Benefits for Women

Our anal plugs are so discreet that you can wear an anal plug all day long underneath your clothing and no one will be any the wiser. Anal plugs are a great way of preparing your body for that evening’s heavenly activities. More experienced users may wish to experiment with double penetration: just glide a plug into your anal canal as your lover penetrates your vagina. The plug will compress your vaginal walls, making your love canal tighter than ever before.

Our Plug and Play Collection

The LOVE AND VIBES Online Sex Shop offers a wide selection of anal plugs to titillate your tush. You’ll find plugs in a range of different colours, functions, and sizes. You’ll have a blast browsing our Anal Toys section to find the perfect affordable anal plug.

Customer reviews
By Jacky
Que du bonheur ! Le port de ce plug est fort agréable, déjà 2 après midi passées dans ma rondelle pour aller faire les courses en hypermarché et magasin bricolage, sensations très excitantes que de se sentir rempli avec tout ce monde autour ! Lors de la montée d'escalier et lors des marches rapides on sent bien les deux boules internes vibrer, le top c'est en conduisant sur des petites routes de campagnes accidentées, j'avais dans l'idée de changer mes amortisseurs il y a peu, je crois que je vais oublier :-)
By Noël
très bien fait, bonne sensation; je recommande