Anal-cleansing enema plug attachment
Anal-cleansing enema plug attachment 3
Anal-cleansing enema plug attachment 4
Anal-cleansing enema plug attachment 5
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Anal-cleansing enema plug attachment

ref. 6018
  • Smooth aluminium
  • For intense anal cleansing
  • Comes with 3 heads
  • Can be used daily
  • Easy to install
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Colours : Silver
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  • Length : 5.50 in
  • Weight : 100 g
  • Colour : Chrome Grey
  • Diameter : 0.75 in
  • Material : Aluminium

How to clean your anus in the shower at home

Made of aluminium, this excellent hollow anal attachment comes with three heads, in different sizes, so you can vary the pleasure that you experience;

At 5.25 inches long with a 0.75-inch diameter, this aluminium anal plug has a user-friendly and refined design. Aluminium is a high-quality material that won’t rust with age. Your intimate cleansing session will make your shower last as long as possible!

The main benefit is that you can attach this anal sex toy onto any shower hose so that you can use it wherever you are! Simply unscrew your shower head and attach this anal plug for men onto the hose to enjoy the erotic stimulation that it offers. This anal plug dildo is the perfect toy for anyone who enjoys anal stimulation!

This long aluminium dildo comes with 3 attachments with different diameters, for different sensations with each use. This sex toy is very simple to use: after choosing the perfect head for you, simply screw it onto the attachment, then attach it onto the shower head. You can then switch on the water just as you would during a regular shower. You can then insert this XL-long anal plug into your anus and increase or decrease the water pressure according to your preferences. On top of thoroughly cleaning your anus, this anal sex toy will gently massage your intimate walls for life-changing pleasure.

Each head has small holes to let gentle jets of water pass through. This plug attachment offers a unique, incredibly comfortable experience! This unisex sex toy will make your shower session incredibly comfortable. Your partner won’t understand why you’ll be suddenly taking so many showers during the day. With only one hand, you’ll offer your anal orifice an incredibly exciting cleaning and impeccable anal hygiene before anal sex.

On top of keeping your body clean, this aluminium anal plug will introduce you to totally insane masturbation sessions. This anal accessory will clean your intimate anal walls, simply and efficiently. 

Each head has a different design and diameter.

The first head has 7 large holes with a 1.00-inch diameter. The second head also has 7 holes, has a 1.00-inch diameter, and looks just like a missile. The third head has 7 holes, with a 1.00-inch diameter and a round shape. 

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