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How to use an automatic thrusting dildo

First, it is important to know that an automatic dildo perfectly reproduces the thrusting of a man during penetration. The advantage of this thrusting dildo is that it will take care of everything, so you can just lie back, relax, and enjoy the pleasure.

Plus, this realistic thrusting dildo is very easy to use. First, simply choose the most comfortable position for you, which will help you enjoy the most intense stimulation possible. Before beginning your masturbation session, remember to use a water-based lubricant to make your experience more comfortable and pleasurable.

And what about our connected dildos?

Our customers' enthusiasm for our connected sex toys, and our connected dildo in particular, is becoming a true phenomenon! Connected sex toys for men and connected sex toys for women are so innovative that a new high-tech model is created every day ! These toys mix sex and high technology, making them an absolutely must-have erotic accessories, available on online sex shops like LOVE AND VIBES.

A connected dildo is a realistic dildo linked to a remote control, which you can use to control the up and down and rotation functions. You'll love the connected dildo for its original side, user-friendliness, and practicality – we even offer hands-free models, like our realistic rotating and vibrating suction-cup dildo. With the connected dildo, enjoy total freedom of movement for unparalleled sensations and pleasure!


The sex machine: the perfect thrusting dildo for effortless penetration

Both women and gay men love our thrusting dildo or “sex machine”. If you're just a beginner, we recommend that you start with a small-sized dildo before exploring larger options. For the history buffs out there, the dildo is one of the oldest sex toys in existence, as they've been used since the Antiquity! Most online sex shops offer a varied selection of dildos, which let all sex toy fans choose the cheeky dildo that will take them to paradise.

Various thrusting dildos for men and women

While the thrusting dildo or “automatic dildo” is a sex toy for women it is starting to make a name for itself as a sex toy for gay men. Whether you use it for anal or vaginal penetration, our thrusting dildo will quickly become your new favourite toy.

The fucking machine: the rolls royce of thrusting dildos

There are certain realistic thrusting dildos that are beloved by everyone for their incredibly impressive feature! This is definitely the case for the sex machine ! While this sex machine may look imposing due to its girthy size, the sex machine is truly a sexual powerhouse! Just like any automatic dildo, this realistic sex toy performs the thrusting motions for you, so you can lie back and relax. However, the fucking machine takes things to the next level.

You can use this toy in a number of different positions to get used to the brand new sensations: sitting down with your legs spread open, on your knees with your pelvis raised, with your legs stretched out, or even in doggy-style. In most cases, the anal sex machine comes with different dildos in various sizes so you can alternate between different kinds of pleasure. Plus, if you shop around, you'll see that the sex machines sold on the LOVE AND VIBES online sex shop are much less expensive than those sold elsewhere online. The affordable cost and high quality of this sex machine is unbeatable. Don't wait any longer to try out our sex machine.

This sex machine is a true sexual beast just waiting for one thing: to penetrate you with vigorous back-and-forth action! Different fucking machine models may have different speeds, but if you choose this sex machine model, you will definitely remember your encounter with this beast!

A pulsating thrusting dildo

You can also find more “high-tech” models like this automatic thrusting dildo which has 10 vibration functions 3 thrusting programs for intense penetration. This easy-to-handle dildo is perfect for anal or vaginal penetration and delivers a totally incredible prostate massage.

If you're looking for an even more innovative dildo, you'll also love the Sensitive touch vibrating and thrusting vibrator This dildo has motion sensors, 10 vibration modes, 3 thrusting speeds, a heating function, and best of all, small beads inside of the shaft of the dildo to massage and titillate your G-spot (or P-spot for men) to the rhythm of the thrusting.!

A sex machine with a suction-cup for better stability

This BDSM fucking machine model will give you intense pleasure! It even has a suction-cup base that you can stick onto any flat surface for better stability. Its 6.25-inch-long, 1.5-inch-wide penis will deliver pure pleasure to your orifice, with outstanding thrusting action that is far from your ordinary masturbation session. This is the perfect substitute for your partner for a cheeky and wild bedroom sessions.