Large butt plug

If you're looking for thrilling sensations, you'll love our large butt plugs. Unlike regular butt plugs, these anal toys should only be used by those who are used to anal penetration, as they have a huge diameter and an extra large insertable length! Both men and women will love using a large butt plug: the key is to prepare your anus as much as possible and choose a comfortable material like silicone or glass. Using a lube will also enhance the experience. Experience extra satisfying prostate play with our large anal sex toys!

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Any time is the right time to play with a large size butt plug. An anal plug is the perfect toy to help you prepare for anal sex, with a dildo or your partner's penis. Try a large butt plug with a suction cup for hands free fun - just don't forget the lube! Both men and women love using large anal plugs during sex with a partner or solo play. We recommend that you use a quality water-based lube for more comfort. Add a little warming lube for extra stimulation while using one of these toys! After using your butt plug, clean it with an antibacterial soap or a suitable product for cleaning toys.

A large butt plug for women and men

For maximum pleasure, choose the large sex toy that best suits your desires. To do so, first find the material that feels best: silicone, glass, vinyl... Then, you'll want to choose the size and shape that excites you the most. The sensations will be totally different depending on the toy, its diameter and its insertable length. A small or medium plug won't feel as intense as a large plug for example! Men will especially enjoy having their prostate massaged by a large butt plug. You'll love the feeling of anal penetration during solo play or sex with your partner. Always use a water-based product to lube up your plug before inserting it. Our vibrating butt toys are especially popular, for even more anal sensations! Some of our plugs are also equipped with suction cups at the base, so you can use them in any position. If you're just starting to explore anal play, plugs are the perfect way to experiment, as they are smaller than dildos or anal beads yet are still very satisfying.

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