Tail butt plug

Have you grown tired of classic sex toys? Are you looking for a fun and exciting new plaything? Opt for a high-quality tail butt plug, with real or faux fur. A tail butt plug is a sex toy that combines a stainless steel butt plug with an animal tail that looks just like the real thing. Now you can dress up as a fox, a horse, a wolf or even a bunny or a cat. A tail butt plug is the perfect toy for pet play. We carry a wide selection of animal tail anal plugs on our site, to bring your hours of naughty furry fun. You'll find just the right tail at the perfect price.

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While a tail butt plug is primarily designed for deep anal pleasure, it is also the perfect accessory to wear for BDSM petplay. These unique metal anal plugs feature animal tails in different sizes and colours that look just like the real thing. Now you can dress up as a fox, cat, wolf or bunny for your partner's visual pleasure while enjoying intense anal stimulation. Whatever the size or price, a butt plug will tighten a woman's vagina, making the sensations that both partners feel during penetrative sex even more intense.

A tail butt plug combines a real fur or faux fur tail and a stainless steel metal plug, for a perfect look. These anal sex toys will then stimulate the wearer's most sensitive areas as they play the part of the Dom's favourite pet, for hours of furry fetish play. Now you can become a sexy animal while experiencing intense anal pleasure. You can even add a pair of fox or bunny ears for even more realism! The ultra-soft real or faux fur will feel incredible against your backside.

We carry a wide selection of metal tail butt plugs with different animal tails: fox, cat, wolf, bunny, and many more. Choose the perfect size for your level of anal play experience (we recommend that beginners start with a smaller plug, while more experienced users can size up right away). Our animal butt plugs come in a range of different colours to truly customise your look: realistic colours, like black, brown or white, but also in flashier shades such as pink, red or purple. Don't forget to clean the metal anal plug with a suitable sex toy cleaner after each play session. You can also use water-based lube for more comfort during insertion.

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