Inflatable butt plug

An inflatable butt plug is the perfect toy for those who aren't impressed by regular anal plugs and are seeking more intense sensations. These anal sex toys are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced anal stimulation enthusiasts. Whether you choose a butt plug with an automatic or manual pump, you can easily expand the size of the toy. Simply pump the toy to add inches to the diameter, increasing your pleasure at your own rhythm. All of our inflatable plugs are made with a very strong, stretchy silicone for your pleasure and safety.

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Herbert inflatable butt plug
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Inflatable anal dildo
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You can change the diameter of your inflatable anal plug any time that you'd like with the pump. By injecting air into the insertable shaft, you'll experience a more intense anal dilation session. Models with a manual pump are lower in price, but a butt plug with an automatic pump will do all of the work for you, expanding at the touch of a button. Whether you decide to go for a manual toy or a butt plug with an automatic pump, these anal sex toys will treat you to extreme pleasure and intense sensations.

Inflatable butt plugs can be used by both women and men, and are suitable for all levels of anal play experience. Women can use an anal plug during sex with their partner to tighten up the vagina, increasing their pleasure. Men will enjoy prostate stimulation while using an anal toy. If you are a beginner who is just discovering anal pleasure, an inflatable butt plug will allow you to explore your desires slowly, at your own pace. When the sex toy is not inflated, it has a regular diameter, making it very easy to insert with lube. Once it is in place, you can increase the diameter as much as you'd like to feel a more intense stretch inside of your anal orifice. More experienced users will also enjoy a very large, stretchy anal plug or a vibrating inflatable butt plug.

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