How to choose a prostate toy

Looking to spice up your pleasure game with a new kind of sex toy? The LOVE Team is here to navigate you through the journey! We’ll show you how to select the ideal prostate toy, tailored for beginners. Get ready to embark on an exciting exploration of untapped delights with our expert tips.

Welcome to the captivating world of prostate play, brought to you through our all-encompassing buyer’s guide, crafted with zeal by the LOVE Team’s experts. Whether you're a first-timer or simply curious, we're shedding light on the often overlooked yet immensely satisfying aspects of prostate stimulation. Ever wondered why you should consider experimenting with prostate play? We’ve got you covered, uncovering the lesser-known facets of male pleasure. And to get you started on this exhilarating path, we’ve handpicked five standout prostate toys, each with its own distinctive qualities, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste and requirements.

Why use a prostate toy?

Prostate stimulation, often dubbed the 'P-spot', unlocks a whole new dimension of pleasure. Using a prostate toy isn't just about discovering fresh sensations; it's a voyage towards more intense and profound orgasms.

  • More powerful orgasms: A multitude of men report that prostate stimulation leads to more potent and deeper orgasms than the traditional kind.
  • Easier access: While finger stimulation can be tricky for some, prostate toys are specifically designed for effective prostate reach and massage. Their shape and ergonomics make accessing this elusive erogenous zone much simpler.
  • Enhanced intimacy: Introducing a prostate toy can transform the sexual dynamics within a relationship. Your partner can get involved during foreplay, paving the way for a shared, enriching, and intimately bonding experience.
  • Health benefits: Beyond pleasure, regular prostate massage has health perks. It can aid in improving urinary flow and prevent symptoms of prostatitis. It's a practice that marries pleasure with well-being.

Opting for a prostate toy is a bold move to uncover new aspects of your pleasure and well-being. It's an exciting and beneficial adventure that we encourage you to explore with openness and curiosity.

Which prostate toy is right for me?

Selecting the right prostate toy is crucial for an enjoyable and satisfying experience. With a smorgasbord of styles, shapes, and features, each toy presents a unique experience. Whether you're in the market for gentle or intense stimulation, a novice or a seasoned player, there's a toy out there that matches your desires and needs perfectly.

A small butt plug: the perfect starting point

For those new to the game, a modest butt plug is the ideal first step into the world of prostate stimulation, specially designed with beginners in mind.
small butt plug
  • Accessible size: With its moderate length and models featuring a slim insertable part, the anal plug is easy to insert, making it perfect for first-timers.
  • Simple to use: This toy allows you to locate your prostate at your own pace, ensuring a comfortable and reassuring initial experience.
  • The softness of silicone: Choose a model made of soft silicone for an even easier insertion and a smooth experience.
  • Easy maintenance: Keep your anal plug fresh and enjoyable by following our tips in "How to get the smell out of your butt plug". A well-maintained toy ensures a hygienic and pleasant experience.
  • Safety and discretion: Less daunting than a dildo, a butt plug is equipped with a flared base for your safety. There’s no risk of your toy getting stuck!
A small anal plug is the ideal tool to start your journey with confidence, combining comfort, safety, and ease of use. It's your first step towards an enriching exploration of prostate pleasure.

A manual prostate massager: mastering the art of pleasure

manual prostate massager

A manual prostate massager is a must-have for those looking to delve into prostate stimulation.

  • Total control: Being manual, this stimulator allows you to perfectly control the pressure, offering a tailored experience that’s especially suitable for beginners.
  • User-friendly design: With its curved insertable part, this toy is crafted to target and effectively stimulate your P-spot. The curve ensures optimal contact with the prostate, thereby maximising pleasure.
  • Easy to clean: The absence of electronic components makes this stimulator a breeze to clean and maintain. A manual toy promises greater longevity and impeccable hygiene.

The manual prostate massager is the perfect choice for those who prefer a more traditional and controlled approach to prostate stimulation.

A vibrating prostate massager: for more intense stimulation

vibrating prostate massager

A vibrating prostate stimulator is a step up in prostate exploration, particularly suited for those who have some experience with a manual model.

  • More intense sensations: Thanks to its vibrations, this stimulator delivers more intense and profound sensations compared to a manual model. The vibration adds an extra dimension of pleasure, stimulating the prostate in a more dynamic and exhilarating way.
  • Ease and comfort: This toy is designed for effortless enjoyment. Simply insert it, press a button to activate, and be swept away by the sensations. It's perfect for those seeking a more relaxing and less hands-on experience.
  • Customised experience: With multiple speeds and vibration modes, you have the freedom to tailor your experience. Whether you prefer gentle or intense vibrations, this toy allows you to adjust the settings for a perfect session every time.

The vibrating prostate stimulator is therefore the ideal choice for a deeper exploration of prostate pleasure, offering an enriching and intensely satisfying experience.

An XXL dildo: for extreme sensations

XXL dildo

A XXL dildo stands as the pinnacle of intensity in the world of prostate toys, specifically tailored for experienced users looking to push their boundaries.

  • Impressive size: With its XXL diameter and length, this dildo is crafted for total anal dilation, offering an unparalleled feeling of fullness and expansion.
  • Deep, exquisite pleasure: Thanks to its imposing size, this dildo perfectly reaches and stimulates the P-spot, delivering a superior intensity of pleasure and a sensation of complete fullness.
  • For experts only: This toy is strictly recommended for advanced users. Take your time, use plenty of anal lubricant, and progress gradually to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The XXL dildo is thus the ultimate choice for seasoned aficionados in search of extreme stimulation. It's a toy that demands respect and caution but offers in return a prostate experience of unmatched intensity.

A strap-on dildo: for exploring shared pleasure

strap-on dildo

A strap-on dildo is a unique toy that transcends traditional boundaries, offering a shared experience with your partner. It's an ideal choice for those looking to explore new dimensions of pleasure together.

  • Shared Control: This toy allows your partner to take the reins of stimulation, offering a fresh take on prostate pleasure. Regardless of whether your partner has a penis, or considering their size or performance, the strap-on dildo opens up endless possibilities for penetration and stimulation.
  • Flexible Options: Available in both harness and harness-free models, you have the freedom to experiment according to your preferences. Each option provides a different experience, allowing you to discover what works best for you and your partner.
  • Ease and Innovation: The strap-on dildo is user-friendly and adds an innovative twist to your relationship. It's a brilliant way to spice up your sex life, exploring new roles and sensations.

If you're using a strap-on dildo for the first time, don't forget to check out our advice sheet “How to Use a Strap-On Dildo” for a safe and enjoyable experience.

The strap-on dildo is thus an excellent choice for couples looking to strengthen their bond while exploring new ways of giving and receiving pleasure.
We hope this guide has steered you through the vast world of prostate toys and helped you find the one that perfectly aligns with your desires and needs. Remember, each toy has its unique flair and can offer a distinct and memorable experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned user, there's an ideal prostate toy out there for you.
Don't forget, the LOVE Team is always on hand to assist you in your quest for the perfect toy. We're available anytime to answer your questions, guide your choices, or provide additional advice. Feel free to reach out to us for any help or information. Our goal is to make your experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

We wish you an exhilarating and rewarding adventure in the discovery of prostate pleasure. Happy exploring!