How to use a prostate massager

The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system located in the anus, below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Its role in the production of semen is fundamental. Often referred to as the 'P-spot', it is considered the male equivalent of the female G-spot. Prostate stimulation remains a relatively little explored and taboo sexual act, despite the intense pleasure it offers.

In this how-to guide, the LOVE Team explains how to use a prostate massager, to help you smoothly introduce prostate stimulation into your regular sexual routine. Let’s get started!

What is a prostate orgasm?

A prostate orgasm is often more intense and prolonged than classic ejaculation.

A prostate orgasm is often more intense and prolonged than classic ejaculation. A prostate orgasm occurs when the prostate gland is stimulated. You’ll experience muscle contractions and intense feelings of pleasure, sometimes spreading throughout the body. It should be noted that a prostate orgasm is not necessarily associated with ejaculation: it is possible to have a prostate orgasm without ejaculating, and vice versa.

Prostate stimulation is also beneficial for a man’s physical and mental health. Several studies have shown that regular prostate massage can play a role in preventing conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia. Prostate massage can also treat erectile dysfunction, which is common in men of all ages.

Massaging your prostate can also release excess seminal fluid from the prostate, relieving pain and improving urinary problems.

1. Hygiene first

Using a prostate massager requires impeccable hygiene.

Use an anal douche before using your sex toy. You can use a cleanser specially designed for anal hygiene, which is gentle and won’t harm the intestinal flora. Then, cut your fingernails and clean them thoroughly. Long and dirty fingernails may damage the rectal wall and cause serious infections.

2. Use a lubricant

You’ll want to use a generous amount of lubricant with your prostate stimulator. Unlike the vagina or penis, the anus does not self-lubricate, so using a good lube will make penetration easier and less painful.

Use a special anal lubricant that is thicker and longer lasting than classic lubricants. This will ensure proper lubrication throughout your session.

We strongly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant with your silicone toys: silicone-based lubricants may damage silicone sex toys.

3. Relax

When using a prostate massager, it is important to relax. Choose a quiet place where you can concentrate on the pleasure. Make sure you lock the door if you are not alone in the house!

Choose a comfortable position that will make it easier to insert the prostate stimulator: lying on your back, leaning forward, on your knees or even standing up, it all depends on your personal preferences! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

For even more relaxation, don't forget to put on some background music to ease you into things.

4. Find your prostate

The first step is to locate your prostate. The prostate gland is located about 7 cm from the entrance to the anus.

Use your finger, but make sure that you lube it up first. Breathe calmly and relax. Do not contract your anus, rather push as if you were having a bowel movement. Gently insert your finger into the anus and start exploring slowly. Don’t rush – take all the time that you need.

You should feel a bulge about the size of a table tennis ball inside your rectum: this is your prostate.

Note that not all men find their prostate easily. Be kind with yourself and try again when you feel ready. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

5. Stimulate your prostate

You are now ready to use your prostate massager. Your experience will depend a lot on the type of stimulator that you are using. Manual prostate massagers require more effort, but allow you to control the pressure and speed of stimulation. Automatic prostate massagers, on the other hand, use vibrations and/or automated to-and-fro movements to stimulate the prostate: the sensations will be more intense and varied, but less precise.

With a manual stimulator

Manual prostate massagers are ideal for beginners, as they allow you to better control of rhythm and stimulation.

These models usually have a tapered tip for easier insertion. They are often curved to effectively target the P-spot. To use a manual prostate massager, first relax and make sure you have used enough lubricant. Then, gently insert the stimulator into your anus. Once you have done this, use small circular or thrusting movements to apply pressure to the P-spot.

Remember that everyone is different, and you may need to try a different stroking technique or a different amount of pressure to find the stimulation that works best for you.

With an automatic stimulator

Automatic prostate massagers provide more intense vibrations than manual models.

Make sure you are completely relaxed and have used enough lubricant before inserting the stimulator. Once the shaft is in, turn on the vibrations and play around with the different modes.

These models may be more difficult to control than manual massagers: always take your time to get used to the new sensations.

Some automatic stimulators have components that also stimulate the perineum or testicles. You can also deactivate the vibrations and use the automatic stimulator in manual mode. That way, you can use your toy both ways.

LOVE Team Tip

Opt for a prostate stimulator with a built-in cock ring to unleash a supersized erection!

6. Enjoy your stimulator with a partner

Sharing your experience with a partner will increase the pleasure of prostate massage.

There are different ways that you can incorporate a massager into your partner play session:

  • Your partner can use the massager during foreplay to stimulate your prostate,
  • You can use the massager on yourself while your partner stimulates your perineum with their fingers or tongue. Stimulating this super-sensitive area during prostate stimulation can produce more intense and prolonged orgasms.

Remember to communicate with your partner so that everyone has a good time. Your sexual experience will be all the richer and more satisfying with good communication.

7. Clean your prostate massager

For your health and hygiene, it is important to clean your prostate stimulator after every session.

Regular cleaning will also keep it in excellent condition for years to come. After each use, you can clean your stimulator with mild soap and warm water (or a special sex toy cleaner). Make sure all parts of the toy are clean and dry before storing.

If you share your toy with a partner, clean it before and after each use to avoid contamination.

We hope that our guide has helped you to be acquainted with the joys of prostate stimulation with a massager. Don't forget to research the different types of stimulators available on our site and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions, as the LOVE team will be happy to assist you.

We hope you have a great time with your prostate massager!