15 ways to spice up your sex life

Posted on 20 June 2021 by Natalia
15 ways to spice up your sex life
We've all been there. You've been in a relationship with your partner for a while now and sex has become a routine. You're looking for ways to rekindle the passion of the beginning, when everything was new and exciting.

Don't worry! It's perfectly normal for things to become a little more monotonous as time goes by, for the initial excitement to subside and for a routine to set in.

Today, we're giving you 15 ways to spice up your sex life (out of the 15, we're sure that you'll find at least 1 or 2 things that will work wonders).

1 - Sexual frustration or the art of deprivation

Let's start from the top: what if you stopped having sex? Don't worry, not forever, just long enough to let your desire simmer and then rise and rise and rise until you can't take it anymore. Frustration is a great way to build excitement, so you feel like you're reliving the sexual tension that you felt the beginning of your sexual relationship with your partner. When you feel like your hormones are at boiling point, don't give in right away. Spend some time on foreplay, turning each other on and until your desire becomes unbearable. When neither of you can take it anymore, get on to the main event, for an absolutely intense amount of pleasure.

2 - Sexting and naughty pictures

Just imagine it: you're at work, in a meeting that's been dragging on for hours. You're absolutely fed up, when suddenly you receive a message from your partner. It's a cheeky photo of your other half in a very suggestive position, wearing very little (or nothing at all!), accompanied by a naughty message describing what will happen when you get home after work. There is nothing more exciting to break the routine of a boring work day and to arouse your libido than some well-written sexts!

3 - Massages

We're not talking about the kind of massage you would receive from a physical therapist! No, no, we're talking about a sensual massage given by your partner, in an intimate atmosphere, complete with candles and scented massage oil. Start with a light massage to relax. Then, you can start to heat things up by moving your hands over to the more intimate areas of your partner's body, like their favourite erogenous zones. A sensual massage is the perfect way to prepare for sex with your partner, as both men and women will love the gentle stimulation and romantic setting. Plus, the physical contact will strengthen your intimate bond (don't forget to switch roles from time to time!)

4 - Bubble baths for two

There's nothing like relaxing with your partner in a nice bubble bath. If you're lucky enough to have a bathtub big enough to fit both of you, a couple's bath will allow you to talk, touch and discover each other's body as if it were the first time. The bubbles will let you catch a glimpse of your partner's body parts, giving you sexy ideas for when you take things to the bedroom. You can also create an intimate atmosphere with candles and even a small glass of champagne!

5 - Lingerie, the secret weapon to make you look your best

Lace, satin, silk, fishnet…lingerie is the secret weapon of women looking to seduce their man. Why secret? Because you may be hiding a very sexy outfit underneath your clothing, just waiting for the right time to reveal yourself. Our top tip for making lingerie as effective as possible? Play the waiting game to increase his desire! Imagine: you're on a date with your guy and want to turn him on immediately. Just tell him that you're not wearing anything under your clothes! You'll definitely get his attention.

6 - Role play to escape from the everyday

We all know that everyday routines tend to take over our lives: hours at the office, years of living together, children, etc. And indeed, routine can definitely be a love-killer (or sex-killer, if you will). So you have to be inventive and create a sexy little world where you can escape. There are some classic games, like the fireman who comes to save the damsel in distress or the policeman who gets a bit too...rough. There is a wide range of possibilities for all tastes and pleasures. It's up to you and your partner to see what will turn you on the most!

7 - Erotic literature

Do you feel like your partner's libido is a bit too low, and you're wondering how to perk it up? A well-chosen tome of erotic literature is the perfect gift to awaken that buried desire. Ever since 50 Shades of Grey became a cultural phenomenon, there are more and more books being written about sex. This is also an excellent way to read up on ideas for role play (see tip #6).

8 - Striptease

No list of tips to spice up your sex life would be complete without suggesting that you experiment with a classic striptease! That's right, taking off your clothes in a sexy and suggestive way in front of your partner is surefire way to rev up their motor. With just the right lingerie (see tip #5) and some sexy music, your partner will absolutely adore the sensual show that you put on for them.

9 - Dirty talk

Talking dirty to your partner is an excellent way to spice things up: whispering naughty or even crude little nothings into your partner's ear during foreplay will excite both of you. However, we recommend that you talk about it beforehand, so you don't find yourself in the embarrassing situation of not knowing what to say. Once mastered, dirty talk can be an excellent way to aurally stimulate your partner and increase the pleasure for both of you.

10 - Make love to music

This is another classic tip, but classics are classics for a reason: because they work. There's nothing like making love to romantic music to spice things up a bit. There are hundreds of ready-made playlists for sex, but you can also make your own playlist with all of your favorite love songs.

11 - Change of location: have sex in an unusual place

Tired of always making love in the bed that you share? Here's an idea for you: do it somewhere else! Breaking your routine is all about creating exciting and suspenseful moments. Why not start small with the kitchen counter or in the car? And if you both like it, why not get out of the house and try somewhere a little more risky like an empty parking lot or the beach? The risk of getting caught is part of the fun!

12 - Touch yourself in front of your partner

Masturbating in front of your partner is a surefire way to excite them. Not only will your other half be excited to see you touching yourself, but your solo show has the added benefit of showing your lover exactly what you like, so that they can stimulate you in the same way later.

13 - Watch yourselves have sex

No, we're not talking about watching your partner have sex with someone else (although that may be your thing!). We're talking about having sex in front of a mirror to admire the action. There's nothing more exciting than watching your own sexy movie in real time while being stimulated, right?

14 - Try a new position

Missionary, doggy style or even spooning - all very pleasurable positions indeed, but to be honest, they can get a little repetitive after a while. So why not buy a copy of the Kama Sutra? It's an Indian collection of 7 books discussing all things of an intimate nature. Of course, the book that we're mainly interested in is the one that discusses a couple's sex life. It is a veritable bible of sexual positions, sometimes crazy, sometimes a little more tame, to spice up your sexual routine and even to live out your fantasies. Trying out new sexual positions will definitely make for an exciting evening in the bedroom!

15 - Experiment with sex toys and accessories

Obviously, as a retailer of sex toys and erotic accessories, we couldn't get to the end of the list without recommending that you experiment with adult toys and accessories in bed! We carry a wide range of sex toys for both men and women (and couples!). Browse through our selection to find the perfect toy for you, whether it's handcuffs, a cock ring, or a small vibrating toy. You'll find just the right item to satisfy your sexual fantasies!