How to use a butt plug

Butt plugs are a very popular sex toy. If you have never used one before, you may feel a little embarrassed and not know where to start. Don't panic! In this how-to guide, the LOVE Team will help you use an anal plug safely.

You’ll also find some safety rules to follow while using your plug. If you are ready to enjoy new sensations and spice up your sex life, this guide is for you!

1. Use the right model

Sizes, designs, materials - there is a huge variety of butt plugs on the market! To decide which anal plug is right for you, you'll need to consider several factors, such as your level of experience with sex toys, your preferences and your needs.
If you’re a beginner, start with a small, flexible plug. If you are an experienced user, you may want a larger plug with a more complex design.

For more guidance on how to choose your anal plug, see our full guide here: How to choose a butt plug.

2. Lube up your plug

Using a lubricant is essential, as it will make your anal plug easier to insert and more comfortable to use. Choose a lube specifically designed for anal sex for more comfort and pleasure. Anal lubricants are thicker and longer lasting than classic lubes.

Remember, never use a silicone-based lubricant with a silicone plug, as this may damage the texture of your plug.

If you’re having trouble inserting your anal plug, choose a relaxing lubricant that will help relax your sphincter muscles. Remember to apply enough lube to your anal area and plug before inserting it, and feel free to add more during use.

3. Find the perfect position

Here are some of the best positions for inserting your butt plug:

  • On all fours (doggy-style): this position will spread your bum cheeks apart and make it easier to insert the plug.
  • On your back with a cushion under your bottom: this position will keep your bum raised, so you can insert the plug more easily.
  • Crouching over the plug: if you are using a plug with a suction cup, this position will also make insertion easier.

The main thing is to feel comfortable and find the ideal position that will keep you relaxed.

4. Don't skimp on foreplay

Take as much time as you feel is necessary for foreplay for your comfort and pleasure. Using your fingers to play with your anus is ideal for stimulating and relaxing the anal area. Start by stroking and massaging the outside of the anus, then try to gently penetrate the inside with one or two fingers. The sphincter will relax, and you will start to become used to the feeling of penetration.
Relax at your own rhythm, breathe deeply during your foreplay session, and feel free to communicate with your partner about what turns you on.

5. Insert your plug

Hold the plug by the base, in an upright position, and gently push it into your anus with the tapered end forward. Push out with your butt (as if you were having a bowel movement) without contracting your muscles. Insert the plug slowly, breathing deeply. Keep inserting the plug gradually, without any sudden movements, until the plug is fully inserted.

6. Play with your plug

Once the anal plug is in, and you feel comfortable, start playing with it. Slide it slowly back and forth to explore new sensations. Leave it on during sex to enhance your orgasm. Wear it under your clothes and carry on with your normal activities. Make sure that you remove the plug immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain, and apply lubricant before putting your plug back. Exploring anal pleasure can be wonderful, but it's important to know your limits and protect yourself.
LOVE Team Tip
If your sphincter muscles expand and relax due to too much excitement, the plug may be sucked into your body. If this happens, stay calm and follow these steps:

  • Lie on your back and push as if you were in the toilet. The plug should come out naturally.
  • If you are a woman: ask your partner to insert their two fingers into the vagina to find the plug through the wall between the vagina and anal orifice. Your partner can then attempt to push the plug downward along the anal orifice toward the anus and help you to remove the plug by lubricating it.
  • If you are unable to remove the plug, or if you have severe abdominal pain, seek emergency medical help immediately.

To be on the safe side, we recommend using an anal plug with a very wide flared base or handle, or with a removal ring. Wearing a plug while having sex doggy-style will increase the risk of your plug being swallowed, so try not to wear a plug while enjoying that position.

7. Take out your butt plug safely

Before removing the plug, relax and breathe deeply to reduce any discomfort. Try to remove the plug by gently pulling on the base or the removal loop (be careful not to pull too hard to avoid injury). If you are having trouble removing it, you can try to slide it out by turning it slightly or using a little lubricant to make it slide out more easily.

8. Clean your plug

Cleaning your butt plug before and after each use will keep it in excellent condition and hygienic. You can use warm water and mild soap to clean it by hand, making sure to rinse and dry it well before storing it. You can also use a special sex toy cleaner. If your plug is made of silicone, you can sterilise it by dunking it into boiling water for 5 minutes (unless it contains electronic parts). Remember to wash your hands before and after cleaning the plug to avoid cross-contamination.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how an anal plug works. Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the different types of butt plugs available and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The LOVE Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our plugs and their different features.

Have fun with your butt plug, alone or with your partner!