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Realistic vaginas and asses - A user’s guide

Silicone is a very fragile material that needs thorough care if you want your toy to last for years to come. For your own comfort and pleasure, and to avoid any premature wear and tear, we highly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant with your vagina and ass masturbator. Only use water-based lubes while enjoying your silicone toy, as other kinds of lube may alter its appearance/texture and reduce its longevity.

Wearing a condom while using your vagina and ass masturbator may prolong its lifespan and will also make cleaning up afterward easier.

Clean your vagina and ass masturbator with a high-quality sex toy cleaner before and after every use.

We strongly recommend that you store your realistic vagina and ass in a clean, dry area, away from any dust, direct sunlight, and curious eyes.


Realistic vaginas and asses - The must-have sex toy for men

These male masturbators have been designed to fulfil a man’s sexual needs by delivering a substitute for a woman’s intimate anatomy that offers very similar sexual stimulation during penetration.

Over the years, our selection of male sex toys has been steadily developing to appeal to all men, with more choices than ever before. Our realistic vaginas and asses have been a best-selling product on our online shop for years. We work closely with our manufacturers to provide our customers with the very best products, with astoundingly lifelike features.

Most of our realistic vaginas and asses have voluptuous curves, an authentically-crafted anal canal, a true-to-life vagina, and other extra-special attributes.

Perfect for 3D solo sex, these artificial yet realistic vaginas and asses are sure to satisfy your deepest desires.

What are our realistic vaginas and asses made of?

Our realistic vaginas and asses are mostly made of silicone or TPR. These materials are gentle, super-soft, and easy to clean. They also feel very similar to the touch of human skin. Our silicone models are a particularly true-to-life addition to our collection of sex toys for men. Our vaginas and asses come in many different sizes, but they all expertly replicate the female body, which makes for a very exciting experience indeed.

How to choose your realistic vagina and ass

To find the perfect sex toy to fulfil your wildest fantasies, it is important to consider a few key criteria. A few factors while buying your artificial vagina and ass is to keep in mind when buying your new toy are weight, size, colour, and any extra features you may want.

The Importance of weight

The heavier the vagina and ass model you choose, the more you’ll have to work with. However, the downside is that the model will be more costly, as it contains more material (mostly silicone). Alas, it would be quite difficult to find a heavier model at a low price. The products in our ABSOLUTE FUCK collection weigh between 3 and 29 pounds!

Size Matters!

You'll find a truly dizzying amount of artificial vagina and ass masturbators on the market. Another important factor in choosing the perfect model is the length and girth of your penis. A too-small masturbator will not be pleasant to thrust into, to say the very least. A masturbator that features a canal that is slightly larger and wider than your penis will make for a more enjoyable experience and over time will become less damaged from use. Always consult size information (which is provided on our product pages) before making your purchase.

Black or White?

Fans of both white and black masturbators will be happy that both of these options are widely available on our site. Indeed, our Absolute Fuck line now features black masturbators to satisfy as many customers as we can. Our products also feature touches of pink on their genitalia and other features to mimic reality as closely as possible (for example, some of our products have rosy nipples, labia, bulbous tips, and anuses).

Bushy or Bare?

Most of our vagina and ass masturbators do not have any pubic hair. However, some models do feature a light sprinkling of hair for a touch of realism.

Vibrations, Sounds, and More

In choosing the right vagina and ass masturbator for you, one that will make you come like you never have before, there are other factors to consider. For example, many of our masturbators include an internal vibrating bullet that will make your toy realistically tremble in ecstasy during penetration. They can also contain a sound device which makes the toy shriek with pleasure, to excite you even more. Some models even have sexy tattoos on their bottoms, for men who like their women inked.

The next step: more complex products

Our range of realistic vagina and ass masturbators features models that are so much more than just a vagina and rear end. We also carry more complex models that replicate a bust or a torso with genitalia (vagina, penis) and/or an anus attached. Thus, the product also may feature breasts (with nipples), pecs, and/or a penis. Some realistic torsos also have the attributes of both sexes, to please and astound its user. For example, some models have both a penis and breasts, for those who want to try something new.