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How to choose the perfect male masturbator

Our masturbators and pocket vaginas (pussies) have been specially designed to cater to a man’s solitary pleasure. These cheeky sex toys will give new life to your solo routine by perfectly replicating the feel of a partner’s intimate anatomy. So give regular manual masturbation a rest and try out of one of incredible-feeling toys!

SHAKE-ME-BABE Masturbators

Here at LOVE AND VIBES we offer an incredibly wide range of male masturbators for all tastes and desires in our SHAKE-ME-BABE collection. Are you in the market for a larger masturbator or a pocket pussy? Would you like a simple manual stroker or a fancy automatic model? Would you a device powered by a USB cable or powered by an AC wall adapter? The choice is truly endless. Here are a few of our best tips to make an informed decision.

Masturbator or pocket vagina

While exploring the exciting world of male masturbation aids, let’s first make the important distinction between the masturbator and the pocket pussy. These similar sex toys for men offer the same result (intense orgasmic pleasure), but are quite different with respect to their shape, size, and price points.

Pocket pussies are compact sex toys that are easy to carry and fun to use - just glide your eager endowment inside for sensational stimulation.

Most pocket pussies are made of a soft supple sleeve, but some are a little bit more unique, in the shape of a hand, a foot, or even a pregnant woman! In general, pocket vaginas are manually-powered, with no automatic features (vibrations, rotations, etc.). You’ll be in total control, stroking as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.

Our masturbators are slightly more complex sex toys for men, as they often have automatic features and are powered by batteries, a USB cable, or an AC wall adapter. These automatic masturbators can perfectly reproduce the pumping motion of masturbation, so you can just lie and back and enjoy the intensely arousing massaging of your stiff member. Masturbators are also quite a bit larger and more complex than traditional pocket vaginas.

Manual or automatic?

You’ll find a wide range of realistic masturbators with specific features and add-ons in our SHAKE-ME-BABE collection. Automatic and manual masturbators do not have the same features, power options, price point, or even the same clean-up method.

Automatic masturbators

The beauty of the automatic masturbator is that this sex toy for men will do all of the work for you. The thrusting and pumping motion is performed by the device itself, to give your right arm a much-needed break. These toys are perfect for moments when you’d just like to concentrate on the brilliant stimulation.

Automatic masturbators often boast a thrusting feature, but also a vibration function! The rotations and vibrations together will be enough to make your head spin, so that your masturbation session will be all the more special.

Best of all, our automatic masturbators often feature a sturdy suction-cup base, for a totally hands-free experience!

Manual masturbators

Manual masturbators, on the other hand, require some effort from the user. With a manual model, you’ll have to perform the pumping motion yourself, which can be plus, as many men which to control the speed and intensity of their solo experience.

Orifice and sleeve

In the interest of offering the most pleasure to our customers as possible, LOVE AND VIBES carries a wide range of authentically detailed masturbators with realistically textured orifices. Each orifice and sleeve has been specially designed to look and feel like a real person’s vagina, anus, or mouth.

You’ll find a large variety of different orifices on our masturbators, everything from an anus, to a mouth, to a vagina. The authenticity of the orifice is absolutely crucial, as it is this element that will make your solo experience feel like the real thing. It’s up to you to choose the orifice that most excites you, whether you’re in the mood to ride a tight vagina or to receive a deep-throat blow job from a pouty-lipped siren.

Another important element of the masturbator is the sleeve. Most of our sleeves feature incredibly lifelike ribbing, bumps, and pleasure nubs, which perfectly reproduce the texture of the inside of a vagina or anal canal. The softness of the sleeve, combined with its groovy texture, ensure a true-to-life sensual massage that you’ll never forget. Just lie back, close your eyes, and keep thrusting – it’s absolute bliss!

Affordable and luxury models

SHAKE-ME-BABE features a wide collection of masturbators that cover every price point possible, from extremely affordable to indulgently expensive. So no matter your budget, you’ll be sure to find the masturbator of your dreams!

The most affordable models we carry are our realistic manual pocket pussies and strokers, which cost about £30. Once you start looking at more sophisticated models, with automatic features and luxury materials, the cost can start rising to about £200.

Taking care of your masturbator and pocket vagina

Remember to take proper care of your sex toy in order to keep in tip-top shape for years to come!


Sex toy materials have improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Now more than ever, you can find a wide assortment of masturbators and articial vaginas featuring real-feeling, super-gentle materials that perfectly replicate the feel of real human skin. For our money, TPR and silicone perfectly imitate the experience of caressing your partner’s supple sensitive areas.

If in doubt, you can always consult each product’s description page, which lists the materials used to manufacture the product.


It is absolutely crucial to always clean your toy both before and after each use, no matter if your masturbator is manual or automatic, a deluxe model or a simple pocket pussy. Cleaning your sex toy regularly is important for both your health and safety as well as to extend your toy’s longevity.

For an easier clean-up, you can always wear a condom while enjoying your masturbator. You’ll find a wide range of condoms that will make your experience hassle-free and highly pleasurable.

Use a lubricant

For ease of insertion and increased comfort during use, we highly recommend that you use a high-quality water-based lubricant while enjoying your product. As a masturbator does not produce natural lubrication like a human orifice does, using a generous squirt of lube with add to the realism of your solo session.

Remember, it is important to only use a water-based lubricant with your silicone toys, as other types of lube may alter your toy’s texture or appearance.

Powering up your masturbator

Another important aspect to consider when choosing your masturbator is selecting the type of power source that best works with your lifestyle. Many masturbators run on classic batteries (mostly AA or AAA). For the best experience possible, we recommend using new, brand-name, non-rechargeable batteries. Used batteries may not be strong enough to properly power all of the masturbator’s automatic functions. Always make sure that the batteries are properly inserted, respecting the direction of polarity, which is often indicated on the battery compartment.

We also carry a wide range of rechargeable products that use a USB cable or an AC wall adapter. When you first receive your product, it may be very weakly charged. Don’t be too impatient – make sure that you fully charge your product (for about 3 hours at least) before using it for the first time. Once you’ve fully charged your toy, you’ll be able to enjoy it for hours on end.

Manual masturbators do not require any particular type of power source…aside from the muscles in your arm, of course!