How to store your sex toys

Sex toys are a great way to improve your sex life, whether you’re partaking in solo play or a fun couple’s night in. When the session is over, your precious toys need to be stored with care, both to keep them in good condition and to protect your privacy.

In this how-to guide, the LOVE Team will give you our top tips on how to store your sex toys as discreetly as possible, for your peace of mind and to keep your toys in tip top shape for years to come.

Where should I store my sex toys?

If you live with a flatmate or your parents, storing your sex toys is obviously a big issue: it would be absolutely mortifying for someone to find them! Whatever the size of your home, you'll need to find discreet places to hide your toys. Here are a few of our best ideas for hiding places to help you keep your sex life private.

Under your bed

under your bed

The space under your bed is an ideal hiding place, especially if you store your toys in some discreet storage boxes. This area may get dusty, so don't forget to vacuum regularly.

Larger sex toys (such as blow up sex dolls) should be wrapped in a clean sheet to protect them from dust and prying eyes (remember, children generally love to hide in every nook and cranny of their parents' bedroom!).

In your bedside table

The bedside table is usually used to store intimate items such as condoms, lubes or massage oils. Storing your toys in your bedside table will keep them within arm’s reach, making them easier to find if you need to use them at night, for example. Your bedside table will also protect your sex toys from dust and light, helping to prolong their life.

In your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is a private area, so it's ideal for hiding intimate toys among your clothes. This storage solution can be incredibly useful for larger toys that don’t fit in your drawers. Plus, keeping your toys in the dark, away from sunlight, will keep them in excellent condition. Make sure that your wardrobe isn’t too humid, however, as this may damage your toys. Locking your wardrobe will add an extra layer of security.

How should I store my sex toys?

Keeping your toys in an appropriate container will protect them from damage. Here are a few storage ideas for your sex toys.

In a locked box

In a locked box

A locked box is the perfect solution for small sex toys, as well as BDSM accessories (handcuffs, ropes, masks, etc.) and sexual wellness products (lubricants, cleaners, massage oil). A tackle box or toolbox will work well. You can also invest in a special lockable storage box for sex toys.

In a toiletry bag

Toiletry bags are also incredibly useful for storing smaller sex toys (like bullet vibrators or cock rings). That way, you’ll always have your favourite sex toy on hand. If you're going away for the weekend or on a business trip, nobody will be any the wiser. However, remember that your luggage may be searched at the airport... So choose your toys wisely!

In a cloth pouch

a cloth pouch
Store your fragile sex toys in a pouch made of a breathable fabric (cotton, silk or satin) to protect them from dust and prevent any risk of scratching. This option is incredibly useful for your silicone or TPR/TPE toys. You can also use the dust bags that come with your shoes when you buy them, as long as they are clean.

Our golden rules for storing sex toys

  • Always clean your sex toys before storing them. Read the user’s manual if you are unsure of what kind of cleaner to use.
  • Always allow your sex toy to dry thoroughly before storing it. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.
  • If possible, store your sex toys separately so that they do not come into contact with each other: certain materials mix badly with each other and may deteriorate more quickly due to contact.
  • Check the condition of your sex toys regularly. If your toy is damaged, dispose of it in a suitable container.

Wherever you choose to store your sex toys, make sure it's clean, dry and protected from dust, sunlight and prying eyes. This way you'll be able to keep your favourite toys in perfect condition for a long time to come. If you need any further help or advice, don't hesitate to contact the LOVE Team!