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The golden rules of blow up sex doll maintenance

Inflatable love dolls can be quite fragile as they are filled with air. Here are some tips to guarantee that your blow-up beauty stay in tip-top shape for years to come.

Do not overinflate your doll

Upon receiving your doll, you may be eager to blow her up as quickly as possible. However, we recommend that you take care to not overinflate your doll, as this may cause excess pressure that will cause her seams to weaken and split.

Do not deflate and reinflate your doll too often

Your inflatable doll is made of latex and will last longer if you keep her inflated. Deflating and reinflating her too often may cause the latex to stretch out and the seams to weaken.

Use the repair kit

If you notice a small hole in your doll despite following the preceding advice, we recommend that you repair her without delay. Thanks to the repair kit that is included with each order, you can easily patch up any hole. Remember to first clean and dry the affected area in order to make the patch and glue stick more effectively.

Clean before and after each use

For your health and safety (and the longevity of your doll), we highly recommend that you use a suitable toy cleaner to thoroughly clean her both before and after each use. A high-quality toy cleaner will not alter the texture or appearance of the doll in any way, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning without any risks.

Always remember to use lube

For increased pleasure and realism, we recommend that you use a water-based lubricant while penetrating your lifelike sex doll. As she does not produce any natural lubricant, using a generous squirt of lube during your encounter will make things more enjoyable and authentic.


The use of blow-up sex dolls around the world

While some men are still reluctant to own up to their love for blow-up dolls, these faithful inflatable companions have taken centre stage in many cultures around the world!

France: getting all dolled up

A rise in the popularity of erotic literature in France has brought the use of sex toys out in the open in many French circles. While les Françaises are now comfortable with openly declaring their love for a good vibrator or a love egg from time to time, men are still finding it difficult to own up to enjoying an inflatable pleasure pal. But the facts show that these air-filled Aphrodites are more popular than ever, with some online sex shops shipping out hundreds of dolls per week. While most buyers are bunking down with their nubile pneumatic nymph, many others are ordering a blow-up babe as a joke or as an accessory for a bachelor party.

A man living out his last evening as a single guy in the company of his best friends will be blown away by the welcome company of a bodacious blow-up beauty. If you don’t have the dough for a stripper, an inflatable party pal could be the perfect solution. The guest of honour will have to carry her everywhere, under the shocked and amused watch of passers-by. No bachelor bash would be complete without a VIBEE-DOLL blow up vixen!

China: a new kind of wife

In 2015, China started phasing out its one child policy. The rigid birth policy made an indelible mark on Chinese demographics during the 35 years that it was in effect.

China also shows a marked preference for boys, for economic and cultural reasons. These factors have resulted in today’s state of affairs: 1 in 5 Chinese will be unable to find a wife in the 5 years to come. Many of these men are now turning to a substitute sweetie to sate their sensual desires.

The future of blow up dolls in japan

Japan is leading the way in the current crop of totally realistic love dolls, adding more features and options to these inflatable sirens than ever before. The modern Japanese doll, made of high-quality silicone, boasts high-tech voice control function and real movement. She isn’t your grandfather’s submissive airhead!

Latex or silicone dolls

Since their invention in the 17th century, realistic sex dolls have evolved to become more and more detailed. Even the materials have changed over the years: in addition the classic latex model, many sex shops also offer silicone dolls.

Sex dolls can be made of both latex and silicone. Latex dolls are typically inflatable by blowing into their air valve. Often, their heads are fairly rigid and made of silicone. They can be purchased in a standing or seated position, typically measuring about 5’2” tall. Inflatable blow-up dolls are generally not bendable and cannot be posed in any special position (a seated doll cannot be made to stand up straight, for example).

A silicone doll is more solid and heavier. Many silicone dolls features an internal metallic skeleton to maintain their posture and to let you pose them in a number of different positions.

Silicone dolls can weigh in at up to 30 pounds!

Male sex dolls, female sex dolls, transexual sex dolls

There is a large variety of different kinds of dolls available on the market – it all boils down to what you desire. The most popular model is the female sex doll, as heterosexual men remain the largest demographic for this type of product. However, male sex dolls are also quite popular and have been gaining traction with women looking to experiment with their use of sex toys. Transsexual toys also play an important role on the market, as they feature both the anatomy of both sexes. Transsexual dolls features breasts, a vagina, a penis, and an anus. Many models also feature a “blow job” mouth, which is perfect for a little bit of foreplay before the main event. Our multifunctional realistic transsexual dolls make the perfect gift for both men and women looking to take their solo play to the next level.

Detailed facial features, lifelike anatomy, realistic feet

Inflatable dolls often feature a rigid silicone head. Their lovely faces are quite lifelike as they are quite detailed.

These dolls may have blond, dark brown, light brown or red hair. They may have blue eyes, framed with luscious black lashes and a small amount of black liner to highlight their sparkling look. Their cheekbones are sometimes highlighted to bring out their natural beauty. Their pouty lips are perfect for endless kissing or a satisfying deep-throat blow job (as many models feature parted lips especially for the latter purpose - just glide your stiff member into her welcoming mouth).

Their chest is made of soft and gentle silicone, with perky little nipples that are just waiting to be pinched, nibbled, or rubbed.

Many of our realistic blow-up dolls have true-to-life hands and feet: made of silicone, each finger or toe is authentically crafted and features a tasteful dab of nail polish.

They often boast anal or vaginal orifices made of cyberskin, a super-soft material that is strikingly similar to a woman’s skin. These orifices are permanently attached to the doll’s body and we do not recommend trying to remove them, as this could cause irreparable damage to the doll’s intimate anatomy. You’ll discover incredible new sensations with a vibrating model from our selection lifelike dolls.

A short history of the blow up sex doll

A blow up doll is a perfect replica of the human body that can be used to simulate sexual intercourse. An inflated stunner can sub in for a human partner, providing astoundingly arousing stimulation whenever you’d like.

Love dolls: from the 17th century to modern times

The first appearance of sex dolls dates all the way back to the 17th century, when French sailors would craft dolls using a variety of different objects (mostly rags) to spice up their solo love sessions. These homemade dolls were known as Dames de Voyage.

In the early 20th century, manufacturers started to use rubber to make the first inflatable dolls.

In the 1940s, Japanese submarine personnel found themselves wanting to blow off some steam after working long hours in an exclusively male environment. Adding some inflatable honeys to the dynamic let the sub workers satisfy their desires in a healthy way.

In the 1960s and 1970S, American sex shops began carrying inflatable sex dolls to sate their customer’s steamy appetites. However, purchasing such a product could be quite an awkward encounter, leading to the rise of the mail order industry. The ability to order a blow-up beauty in a discreet manner made the demand for the toys even stronger.

By 1995, sex toys companies also began offering blow-up animals, like sheep and dogs, the perfect gag gift to surprise and delight a friend!

By the turn of the 21st century, many Japanese companies offered blow-up sex doll rentals, making it possible to rent a hotel room by the hour with the added bonus of an inflatable friend. While popular at the time, this clever new service soon died out due to the dolls becoming worn out too quickly.