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Always clean your sex toys well with a suitable cleaning product after each use. Perfect hygiene will extend the life of your products and protect your sensitive skin. Our cleaning products, or toy cleaners, are free of alcohol and will help you take care of your favourite toys, whether they are made of silicone, glass, or metal. They remove bacteria and oil better than soap and water and their ingredients are safe on the skin. You'll find the perfect product to clean any toy material, even the most porous.

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It is important to take care of your sex toys properly to keep them clean. Don't just put your toy in the dishwasher! Depending on its material (silicone, TPE, TPR, steel, glass, etc.) and its use (vaginal, anal, etc.), you should choose a good cleaning product that will keep your toy in tip-top shape for years to come. Certain materials cannot be cleaned with soap and water. Use a mild product that has been designed to clean sex toys, free of alcohol or perfume. Wash your toys every time to keep them safe for your most sensitive skin. A spray format is the most practical as it will start to work in mere seconds. Then, simply dry the sex toy well with a microfiber cloth.

Even if you use your sex toys with latex condoms, cleaning is an important step for totally safe pleasure! The best solution is to use a spray, the most convenient format, which will help you maintain your sex toys easily without water. Use our selection of safe cleaners with mild ingredients on your most porous materials to remove bacteria for best results. Avoid cleaners with harsh and abrasive ingredients. Experts agree that sex toy cleaners are more effective than soap and water.

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