Rosebud Large Ribbed Jewelled Anal Plug – 8 Colours
Rosebud Large Ribbed Jewelled Anal Plug – 8 Colours 3
Rosebud Large Ribbed Jewelled Anal Plug – 8 Colours 4

Rosebud Large Ribbed Jewelled Anal Plug – 8 Colours

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  • For solo or couple's play
  • Wavy design for more sensations
  • Can be used during sex
  • Ultra-sexy gemstone
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Colors : Diamond
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Special condoms for sex toys
  • Length : 3.94 in
  • Diameter : 1.50 in
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Non-Vibrating
  • Waterproof

Prettify your perky posterior in the most pleasurable way with our Rosebud Large Ribbed Jewelled Anal Plug.

This generously sized anal plug has been specially designed to intensely and intimately massage your sensitive anal canal. At 4 inches long with a girthy 1.5-inch diameter, this plug also features an incredibly elegant (faux) gemstone on its outer end to dazzle your lover.

This unique aluminium plug’s ribbed base will massage every inch of your anal orifice with fervour. This plug will naturally work its stimulating magic to the rhythm of your natural movements as you go about your busy day.

Both men and women will love wearing this plug. She’ll love the way it makes her vaginal orifice tighter during penetrative sex, while he’ll love the way it stimulates his prostate.

A Natural Massage from a Ribbed Anal Plug

Unlike most traditional jewelled butt plugs, this Rosebud toy features an elongated, prominently ribbed base that has been specially designed to intensely massage your anal orifice. Its unique missile-like shape makes it simple to insert and very comfortable to use. Made of aluminium, this plug feels girthy, but is in fact quite light and easy to wear on a daily basis. You’ll feel absolutely intense stimulation with every step you take. Go about your day with your anal plug firmly snug in place…nobody will know why you’re suddenly smiling so much!

The Benefits of Wearing a Rosebud Anal Plug

Both men and women will appreciate the ergonomic design and deep anal stimulation of our Rosebud Collection toys. While the plug is inserted the same way for both sexes, a man and a woman will feel different kinds of stimulation while using this toy. A woman will adore using the anal plug for the way that it compresses her vaginal walls while worn during penetrative sex. Men love the way these elegant anal plugs titillate the prostate gland, leading to a stronger orgasm and a longer-lasting erection.


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