The golden rules for using an anal toy

Have you been toying with the idea of diving into the world of anal pleasure but not quite sure where to begin? Fear not, our LOVE Team of passionate experts is here to lead the way! Uncover our golden rules for a safe yet thrilling experience.

Step into the realm of anal toys, a domain where pleasure and safety walk hand in hand. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned pro, our guide, crafted by the LOVE Team, will unveil the must-knows for a fulfilling and secure journey. We're about to share with you some game-changing tips and vital cautions. It's not just about picking the right toy – be it a plug, dildo, or prostate massager – but also about understanding how to use it carefully to amplify the enjoyment while safeguarding your wellbeing.

Discover the dos and don'ts to protect both your toy and yourself, ensuring a safe and satisfying anal adventure. Let our experts lead you through and open the door to exhilarating new sensations!

DO: Pick the right lube

The secret ingredient to a gratifying and secure anal encounter often lies in your choice of lubricant. A top-notch lube doesn’t just ease the way for insertion; it also protects your delicate skin and extends the life of your toy. Selecting the right lubricant is crucial to avoid irritation and material damage, all while heightening pleasure and comfort.

  • Go for a special anal lube: These lubes are formulated to be thicker and longer-lasting, offering a more comfortable experience and easing insertion.
  • Ensure it's compatible with your toy: If your toy is made of silicone, steer clear of silicone or oil-based lubricants, as they can damage the material. For toys made of metal or glass, you're free to choose from any type of lubricant.

DON’T: Rush your anal play session

Anal exploration can be an incredibly rewarding adventure, but it demands patience and gentleness. Rushing into it, especially during your initial experiences, can lead to discomfort and unnecessary risks. Remember, the anus is a zone teeming with nerve endings and is exceptionally sensitive. A hasty approach could cause tears or pain, ruining the experience.

  • Don’t rush: Take your time, even with a high-quality lubricant. Allow your body to gradually adjust to the new sensations.
  • Pay attention to what your body is telling you: The nerve endings in the anal area are ultra-sensitive. A gentle approach is key to prevent discomfort or injury.
  • Stop if you need to: If sensations turn painful, don't hesitate to pause and try again later. Using toys like anal beads with increasing sizes can be a great way to gauge and build your comfort level.

DO: Wear your butt plug while you go about your day

Regularly wearing an anal plug during your daily routine can be a brilliant way to prepare for anal penetration with a partner in the evening time. This practice lets you get accustomed to the sensations while gently stimulating the anal walls.

  • Wear your butt plug regularly: Consider integrating an anal plug into your daily routine for 2 to 3 hours. The insertable part of the plug will softly massage your anal walls as you move, contributing to a natural and enjoyable preparation process.
  • Choose suitable times: Wear the plug during your usual activities, but avoid times when you're engaging in intense physical activity (at the gym, for example).

DON’T: Wear your anal toy too long

Wearing a butt plug for too long can be harmful, especially for beginners. Time management is key to avoid damaging your backside.

  • Don't wear your toy all day long: The constant pressure from an anal plug or dildo inserted for extended periods can cause damage or inflame the sphincter.
  • Wear it for a few minutes at first: If you're new to this, start by wearing the plug for short periods, just a few minutes, to get used to the sensations and prevent any discomfort.

DO: Wear a butt plug during sex

Using an anal toy during sex can be a game-changer, whether it's to make vaginal penetration more intense or to stimulate multiple erogenous zones at the same time.

  • For vaginal sex: Using an anal toy during vaginal penetration can slightly constrict the vaginal walls, heightening stimulation for both partners.
  • For men: During masturbation or sexual intercourse, employ an anal toy. This allows for additional prostate stimulation, offering the possibility of a double orgasm.

DON'T: Use numbing lube

The idea of using numbing creams for easier insertion of anal toys might seem appealing, but it's a practice best avoided. Sensitivity and sensation are crucial guides for a healthy and safe anal experience. Ignoring these signals can lead to adverse consequences.

  • Avoid numbing products: Pain is a natural warning signal from your body. By using a numbing cream, you risk not recognizing your own limits, which could lead to damage to the anus or rectum.
  • Listen to your body: If you feel pain, it's a sign that you need to slow down or stop. Heed these signals for a risk-free anal experience.

DO: Sterilise your toy regularly (if possible!)

Sterilising or properly cleaning your anal toy after each use is crucial to prevent infections and maintain the quality of the product. Whether your toy is made of porous or non-porous materials, there are appropriate methods to keep it clean and safe.

  • Thoroughly wash porous material toys: If your anal toy is made of materials like TPR or PVC, which cannot be sterilised, a thorough cleaning after each use is vital to maintain its condition.
  • Sterilise non-porous material toys: For toys made of silicone, metal, glass, etc., several sterilisation options are available. Check out our advice sheet 'How to Sterilise Your Sex Toys' for effective and safe methods.

DON'T: Share or reuse your anal toy without sterilising it

Sharing these toys without proper sterilisation, or reusing them in different orifices, poses significant health risks.

  • Don't share your anal plug with a partner without sterilising it: The anal orifice contains numerous bacteria that can be transmitted to your partner. Sharing without proper sterilisation increases the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections.
  • Don't insert the toy into the vagina without sterilising it first: Bacteria from the anus are not suited for the vaginal environment and can cause vaginal infections or cystitis. Sterilise your toy before using it in another orifice.

DO: Get the smell out of your anal toy for optimal freshness

Over time, it's possible that your anal toy might develop undesirable odours, regardless of its material. Fortunately, there are effective methods to eliminate these smells and keep your toy feeling fresh.

  • Deodorise your toy regularly: No matter the material of your anal toy, there are solutions to eliminate any unpleasant odour after each use. This will make your toy more hygienic and enjoyable to use.
  • Read our how-to guide: For detailed advice on getting the odours out of your toy, check out our how-to guide How to get the smell out of your butt plug. You'll find tips suited to different types of materials.

DON'T: Store your anal toy just anywhere

After meticulously cleaning, sterilising, and deodorising your anal toy, it's crucial to store it properly to protect it and keep it hygienic. Improper storage can expose your toy to dust, moisture, or even damage.

  • Avoid exposed storage areas: Find a clean, dry spot away from dust and sunlight to store your anal toy. This preserves the quality of the material and ensures optimal hygiene.
  • Don't let your toys touch each other: Storing two toys in a way that they come into contact with each other can lead to damage, especially if they are made of different materials.
  • Use a protective pouch: For ideal storage, keep each toy in its own pouch. This prevents cross-contamination, keeping each toy hygienic and ready to use.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable and practical information for the perfect experience with your anal toy. Remember, every moment spent exploring new sensations should be enjoyable and safe.
Don't forget, the LOVE Team is always here to answer all your questions and guide you in using your toy. Never hesitate to contact us for advice, tips, or simply to share your experiences. We wish you wonderful moments of discovery and pleasure. Have fun and stay safe.