How to sterilise your sex toys

Whether you're into rabbits, bullets or any other type of buzzing buddy, let's chat about keeping them fresh, safe, and lasting longer than your latest Netflix binge.

Your toy's best friend: proper care

Your toys, those cheeky companions in your intimate moments, ought to be looked after with the utmost care. Not only will this ensure the best possible hygiene, but it will also keep your favourite gadget around for a good, long time. Sterilisation? That’s your gold standard if you're after keeping your toy in tip-top shape. Dive into this guide to ensure a risk-free rendezvous every time.

Real talk: hygiene matters!

Did you know? Toys can harbour and spread bacteria and infections. Yikes! Keeping them spick and span is crucial, not only for your health but also to get the most bang (pun intended!) for your buck.

For the non-porous crew

Different toys, different materials, and thus, different care routines. Non-porous materials are quite the star players – easy to sterilise and known for their long life and durability. Depending on the material, here's how to give your toys some tender loving care:

  • Glass, ABS plastic, and certain rigid PVCs: Boiling? Nah, they're not fans. Instead, treat them to a UV steriliser session – they're smashing for non-porous toys. Alternatively, a warm soapy bath (and a thorough rinse, mind the nooks and crannies!) will do the trick.
  • Silicone and stainless steel: Ready for a hot bath? These can be boiled unless they've got some fancy electronics. If they do, opt for a toy-friendly cleaner that offers a sterilising effect.

Navigating porous materials

Some toys, crafted from porous materials, feel lush but demand extra care:

  • TPE/TPR: Sadly, these can't be fully sterilised. Use antibacterial soap and water, followed by a specialist toy cleaner. Got a hollow toy? Clean it with an enema bulb to ensure you're saying ta-ta to all those pesky bacteria.
  • Flexible PVC: Again, a good scrub with antibacterial soap and water will do.

LOVE Team Tip
Porous materials can still hold onto some germs, so using a condom during your sessions is a smart move for added safety.

Mastering the UV steriliser

These ultraviolet bad boys annihilate surface germs and are suitable for most materials. But remember, they can't clean deep inside hollow toys. Our top advice? Always give your toys a soapy wash before placing them in the steriliser.

And before you go...

Never forget the drying step – dampness is bacteria's playground! Always store your toys in a clean, dry spot.
Hopefully, we've sorted you out with all the care tips you need. The bottom line? Safety and hygiene, non-negotiables! If you've got any questions, give us a shout – we're here to help, always. Cheers from the LOVE Team!