How to stimulate your partner’s anus

Posted on 27 April 2023 by Natalia
How to stimulate your partner’s anus
The idea of anal stimulation may arouse both curiosity and reticence... and understandably so! But if you give in to the temptation, the experience can be absolutely delicious. It's all about respecting your partner's wishes and introducing them to new pleasures.
That's why the LOVE Team has created this article to give you all the information you need to enjoy an intimate experience like no other. You'll discover all the sensual satisfaction that this practice has in store for you. Ready to add something new to your sexual repertoire? Let's get started!

To ensure that the experience is a success and that both partners enjoy themselves, make sure that you communicate with your lover throughout your session.

  • Choose the right time and place: For the conversation to be fruitful, you both need to feel comfortable and confident. Don't broach the subject just as you're about to make love, as your partner may feel under pressure.
  • Be honest: Tell them why you want to experiment with anal play, listen to your partner's answers and show empathy. If they disagree, respect their boundaries.
  • Ask open-ended questions: What does your partner think of anal stimulation? Have they tried it before? Are they tempted to try it with you? Encourage them to express their doubts and misgivings.
  • Talk to your partner about the upsides of anal play: Prostate stimulation can be a source of incredible pleasure.
  • Respect their wishes: Don't harass your partner to get them to agree. That will only male them more self-conscious. If they don’t consent to anal play, move on. There are many other ways of enjoying fulfilling partner play.

2. Treat yourselves to a shower for two

To build your partner's confidence, why not take a shower together? You'll both feel cleaner and scrubbing up together will really turn you on.

  • Hygiene: Showering together ensures that you are both immaculately clean and will reassure your partner.
  • Relaxation: The hot water will relax your muscles, creating the perfect conditions for anal stimulation.
  • Erotic intrigue: There's nothing better than a sensual shower to discover your partner's body. Kisses, caresses, heavy stimulation...get ready to enjoy new sensations!
  • Non-verbal communication: Showering together is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your intimate bond without using words. By deciphering your partner's moans and movements, you’ll enjoy some sensual and subtle communication.

3. Take a gentle approach

Finger stimulation can be a gentle introduction to anal pleasure. Here's how to do it:

  • Caress their anus and surrounding area: Massage the area around the anus, moving your finger in a circular motion. Your partner will quickly develop a taste for the new sensations and feel more confident about what’s to come.
  • Use anal lube: Using a generous amount of anal lube will make penetration easier. Apply the lube liberally to both your finger and your partner's anus.
  • Insert your finger…slowly: Your movements should be slow and steady so that your partner can get used to the sensations. Remember to cut your fingernails beforehand!
  • Respect your partner's rhythm: Let your partner tell you what they want. Once they’re used to this new kind of stimulation, they’ll be able to guide you with more confidence.
  • Try different kinds of stimulation: Regularly change the rhythm and the kind of movement (circular motions, pressure to stimulate the prostate, back-and-forth thrusting, etc.). By changing the kind of stimulation you give, you’ll start to understand what your partner likes best.

4. Experiment with anilingus

Want to make your experience even more daring? Here are our tips for a successful anilingus session:

  • Kiss and lick the surrounding areas: Arouse your partner's desire by concentrating on their butt and thigh area at first, to ease them into the idea of anilingus.
  • Move closer to the anus: Continue your licking and kissing as you gradually move closer to the anal area.
  • Gently lick their anus: First lick the areas surrounding the anus to allow your partner to relax.
  • Insert your tongue: Once your partner is fully relaxed, you can slowly and gently insert your tongue into their anus. Be gentle and pay careful attention to their reaction.

Consent is key! If they’re totally uncomfortable with the experience, stop immediately and try something else.

5. Try out some sex toys

You can enhance your anal exploration session with the use of an anal sex toy. Here a few of the LOVE Team’s favourite sex toys for anal pleasure:

  • Prostate massagers: The prostate is an erogenous zone for men located about an inch inside of the anus. When stimulated, the P-spot delivers incredibly intense orgasms.
  • Small anal dildos: If you’re a beginner who wants to experience slow and progressive penetration, a small dildo may be the right toy for you. You’re bound to find the right model for you with respect to size, shape, and texture.
  • Butt plugs: Butt plugs come in a wide range of sizes, materials and features (vibrations, for example). They deliver intense stimulation and can be worn for several hours at a time. Your partner can wear one all day to get ready for anal play in the evening, for example.

Here are the main criteria you should consider when making your purchase:

  • Opt for quality materials: Silicone, TPR, glass and stainless steel are reliable, safe and easy to clean.
  • Communicate: Before experimenting with toys, talk about it with your partner. Respect their boundaries and always listen to their needs.
  • Clean and store your sex toys: Take good care of your sex toys to keep them in excellent condition for years to come. Clean them with soap and water after each session and store them in a clean place away from light.

6. Explore anal penetration

Once you've awakened your partner’s senses with your fingers, tongue or a sex toy, your partner may want to take things to the next level. You can penetrate your partner’s anus with a penis or a strap-on, depending on your body and your preferences.

To help you get the most out of this new experience, we suggest you read our article 10 tips for the perfect anal sex session. Have a fun and pleasurable anal discovery session and don’t forget to contact the LOVE Team if you need any advice!