How to choose your first sex toy for women

Already revelled in the delights of intimacy and keen to add a bit of spice? The LOVE Team is here with this guide to help you pinpoint the perfect sex toy that promises to transport you to uncharted realms of pleasure.

Picking out your first toy shouldn’t be a shot in the dark – it’s about understanding what you truly desire and setting some clear expectations. Not only will the LOVE Team help you get your head around (and hands on!) the idea of embracing a sex toy, we’ll also dish the lowdown on toys tailored for solo missions versus those designed for duo discoveries. Dive in and let’s find your ideal match, shall we?

How to navigate the world of sex toys with confidence

Even for those with a dab hand at intimacy, delving into the realm of sex toys can, we admit, feel a tad overwhelming.

We’ve all been there, love! It's utterly normal to have a butterfly or two at first. Take your time, and saunter over to our 'Sex toys for Women' section at your own pace. Each little gadget promises its own kind of magic. Fancy vibrations, tantalising pulses, or maybe a mix of inner and outer caresses? Trust your instincts, darling, and let your body guide you to what tickles your fancy the most.

And for those who've yet to take the plunge into the world of intimacy? It might feel like you're facing Everest. If you're nodding along, our specially crafted guide, "How to choose your first sex toy: a buyer’s guide for female virgins", is just the ticket. Tailored with utmost care and expertise, it's your compass to kick-start your first intimate odyssey.

Do I need different toys for solo and couple's play?

Pondering whether to get separate toys for your solo escapades and those saucy moments with a partner?
Let's cut to the chase: there's no one-size-fits-all rule here. A toy that sends you to cloud nine on your lonesome might just as well amp up the thrills when shared with a partner, and vice versa.
When you're having a solo sesh, if your go-to is a gentle hand caress, introducing a sex toy can turn up the heat, making every moment feel ten times more electric. Plus, with the right toy in hand (pun intended), you could be on the fast track to bliss, with unparalleled relaxation and pleasure at your fingertips.
And for those times with your significant other? Bringing a toy into the mix can sprinkle a bit of magic into the equation. Not only might it ramp up your personal highs, but trust us, it can be a real eye-opener for your partner to see just how you react to these newfound tingles. Sharing such intimate explorations can foster a deeper bond and give your love life that extra sprinkle of spice.

What type of toy should I choose?

Stepping into the world of pleasure gadgets can feel a bit like being a kid in a candy store – there's a tantalising selection, each more tempting than the last. But fret not, darling! Whether you're on the hunt for something subtle to start off, or keen to dive into deeper waters, we're here with the creme de la creme of recommendations. Ready to find the toy that's just right for you? Let's embark on this thrilling treasure hunt together.

A gentle vibrator to start

If you're dipping your toes into this world, longing for a gentle and delightful initiation, a subtle vibrator could be your go-to companion. Designed with mellow vibrations and a silky-smooth texture, it invites you to leisurely discover every inch of your body at a pace that feels right for you.

While often pegged as a toy for clitoral pleasure, there's so much more to its talents. Picture a gentle hum tracing the curve of your nipples, gliding down your neck, or teasing other tantalising spots. With this little device, every nook and cranny of your body becomes an exhilarating playground.

A “neutral” dildo

Not everyone's cup of tea is the hyper-realistic vibe when it comes to sex toys. If the thought of a lifelike dildo isn’t quite tickling your fancy, fear not, you’re in good company. For those leaning towards a more understated option but still itching for that fulfilling sensation, a neutral-shaped dildo is your dream match.
These dildos often pop in vibrant and effervescent hues. With their moderate girth, they're a treat for those yearning for a gentler touch or still navigating the terrains of pleasure.
The beauty of a dildo? It hands you the reins of penetration, whether you're flying solo or sharing the fun. You have the freedom to totally steer your solo ecstasy or, if the mood strikes, delve into dual penetration with a partner.
As for the material, we can't sing the praises of ultra-luxe silicone enough. Soft to the touch and oh-so-flexible, it promises a smooth and cosy glide, while being a breeze to clean up after.

A contact-free clit stimulator

Moving away from traditional toys that need direct contact, a contract-free clitoral stimulator operates with air pulses, ushering in a sensation that's both unparalleled and electrifying.
If the thought of a toy making direct contact feels a smidge daunting, this stimulator serves as a fabulous alternative. By making the experience feel a touch more "detached", it eases you smoothly into the world of sex toys, all the while ensuring a swift and euphoric ascent to cloud nine.

A suitable lube

To truly amplify every tingle and tremor, a quality lubricant often stands as your trusty sidekick. Whether your toy is designed for internal or external delight, the right lube can elevate your adventure – making every touch softer, every glide smoother, and every sensation heightened.

Our hot tip? Go for a water-based lubricant. Not only is it compatible with the lion's share of sex toys, but it also cleans up in a jiffy and leaves behind no sticky aftermath.

We wish you a splendid journey of intimate and sensory discoveries. Should you ever feel a tad overwhelmed or have any queries, just remember our devoted LOVE Team is right by your side, guiding you in your quest for the perfect playmate.
Happy exploring!