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Vibrating love eggs: The ultimate couple's toy !

A vibrating love egg is an egg-shaped internal vibrator. This small and discreet sex toy for couples delivers a mind-bending amount of pleasure to her sensitive inner walls. The vibrating love egg’s main attraction is its secretive nature: just glide the egg into your love canal and nobody will know it’s there except you and your partner! These clever little eggs will strengthen your intimate bond and enliven all of your evenings out.

How to choose a vibrating love egg

Multifunctional love eggs

Our love eggs have a number of different innovative features. The egg’s internal motor powers a number of incredibly stimulating vibration modes. Some of our eggs feature up to 50 different vibration modes! Most of our eggs come equipped with a wireless remote control that is easy and fun to use. Some of our models have rotation and massage functions as well. The rotation function is especially satisfying, as this mode ensures that every inch of your vaginal walls is deeply massaged.

A remote control vibrating love egg: A classic erotic toy!

Most of our vibrating love eggs come with a remote control (many of which are wireless models). The remote control allows you to easily adjust the settings of your vibrating love egg from a distance, without having to touch the egg directly. Vibrating eggs with wireless remotes are the most fun, as you can hand the remote over to your partner so that they can select the egg’s vibration mode and speed. Wear a vibrating egg out on your next date night, and get ready to enjoy unexpected pleasure all evening long.

A variety of colours and materials

Once you’ve decided on what kinds of features you’d like, you can then decide on your egg’s appearance. LOVE AND VIBES features a wide variety of colours and materials in our EGGXITING collection. Choose from a selection of ultra-feminine colours or even more neutral hues. Our eggs are typically made of sturdy PVC, affordable TPR, and ultra-luxe silicone. All of our eggs are body-safe and are comfortable to insert and wear.

Powering up your egg

All of our eggs feature a small internal motor that powers the toy’s intense vibrations. Our eggs feature a variety of different power options. Many of our eggs run on classic batteries that are to be purchased separately (typically AA or AAAs). Some of our smaller eggs run on button cell or LR44 batteries (included with the product). It is important to insert the batteries into the device properly, taking care to respect the direction of their polarity (the + and – signs). If you’ve had your fill of buying and replacing batteries, you can also opt for a rechargeable model, which you can endlessly power up using the USB cable provided. Remember to always charge your egg for at least two hours before using it for the first time.

Vibrating love eggs: A 2-in-1 sex toy

We also feature a range of sex toys for women that are truly 2-in-1 erotic accessories. Many of our vibrating knickers and vibrating cock rings feature a removable love egg. These versatile toys make it easy to pleasure yourself or to have your partner join in on the fun.

Where and how to use your egg

Thanks to its compact size, the vibrating love egg is an amazingly versatile sex toy. It can be used for solo play as well as a fun and surprising evening with your partner. While the vibrating love egg may be stereotypically known as the couple’s sex toy par excellence, it can also be used externally as a clitoral stimulator during your solo sessions.

Using your egg for solo play

If you find yourself all alone and in need of a bit of sensual satisfaction, your vibrating love egg will be just what the doctor ordered. You can use your egg for both external and internal solo stimulation. To shake up your love canal, just glide your egg into your vagina and use the remote control to customise your pleasure. For external loving, press the egg gently against your outer erogenous zones (clitoris, labia, etc.), using the egg as a pint-sized clitoral stimulator.

Using your egg with a partner

A vibrating love egg can be the perfect complement to other kinds of sexy stimulation in the company of your partner.

During foreplay, a vibrating love egg can be used to stimulate both the female and male erogenous zones. Nipples, clitoris, testicles, or even his tip and shaft will love the ultra-intense rub-down.

Use the egg both externally and internally to get your body all revved up and ready for the main event!

If you’re a fan of anal sex with your partner, you can also use the egg for a super-heavenly double penetration session. Just glide the egg into your vagina and let your partner take care of your back section. We only recommend this daring deed to those who are already well acquainted with the pleasures of back door stimulation and double penetration – this activity might prove to be a little too intense for anal play novices!

However, the “classic” way of using the egg as a couple remains the most popular. Wear the egg during your next date night and hand the remote over to your partner. They’ll love to control your pleasure from a distance, whether you’re at the movies, a restaurant, the bar, or a lively party. The most fun part will be that nobody will be any the wiser!

Some maintenance tips

Remember to always use your egg in the most hygienic conditions as possible. As the egg regularly comes into contact with your most sensitive areas, you’ll want to keep it as clean as you can. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the egg with a high-quality toy cleaner both before and after every use (you’ll find a wide selection of cleaners in our Lubes, Oil, and Accessories section). To make insertion as easy and comfortable as it can be, try adding a few drops of water-based lubricant to the egg before gliding it into your inner being.

Our pleasure packs and vibrating love eggs

You’ll find a variety of different love eggs in our incredible Pleasure Packs for Couples. Our Pleasure Packs make the perfect gift for the sex toy fan in your life. If you’re looking for an ideal present that is sure to satisfy, look no further than LOVE AND VIBES’ Pleasure Packs.